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17mm SLR Magic topic
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  • @scau Since your comment is directed at me,

    1. I will assure you sir, it is not user error.
    2. I know what I'm doing. It's soft as shit at .95. Unsable for any paid video work, period. Taking pictures of cats, sure. Real world work, no.
    3. Please show me your fine examples of this lens at .95 or 1.4.

    @slrmagic, from the link you gave it seems T/1.4 & even probably T/1.2 is quite worthwhile for the shallower DoF (even if the extra light gathering isn't 100% there)

    Could be the place for the third party lens manufacturers to focus on for fast lenses: T1.4, and even T1.2 (if the trade off from T/1.4 to T/1.2 isn't too bad), but forget about F/0.95, which seems to have most value as a marketing ploy?

  • On these lenses a f 0.95 is more like T 1.2 anyway even with modern coatings given the number of glass surfaces and the whole amount of glass light is passing through.

  • 17mm slr now available at UK resellers for 429 pounds also as a promo bundle with the 35mm.

  • image

    If you’re a cinematographer, we see no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this offering from SLRMagic. It’s lightweight, well built, and has a beautiful look to it for an affordable price. But if you’re also looking for something for awesome still work, just don’t sit here expecting the sharpest lens in the world. Instead, you’ll need to just embrace the look that it can give you.

    800 x 572 - 53K
  • So no one here in the community has this lens?

    I have serious problem with @slrmagic and their lenses. 100% of their lenses I have used/owned have problems. Loose focus ring , aperture, breathing. I had to return their 25mm due to these problems. I also own the 35mm which has a loose focus ring as well, very very very bad......

    I was told to send it in, but at $50+ for shipping and having to deal with wait time it is a bad experience.

    The only and I mean ONLY reason I like Slr Magic lenses is for lens flare and bokeh, very creative for music videos.

    If @slrmagic can please send me a private message I can provide picture or even video of this problem. Even still with all of this I am interested in 17mm focal length

  • @FilmingArt I have SLR Magic 12, 17, 25 and 35 and I'm very happy with all of them.
    The only complaint that I might have is regarding some minor play in the mount in the case of the 17 and 25. But it's nothing major, completely tolerable.
    I love the image quality that I get on my BMPCC with them, and also the focal range they cover on that camera is the ideal one for me.

  • I have this and every other as well. The 12 V2 and 25 are built like tanks. The company works with people and defective products. If you get a bad lens and let them know within 2 weeks, they can get shipping refunded. Also concerning paying return shipping, welcome to buying just about anything from China.

  • I love SLR MAGIC lenses. Yes they're a bit wild, i get purple fringing on the 23 1.7 and the 12 1.6 isn't particularly sharp at infinity with wide open apertures but they've got a 'look' and they're still sharp enough once you know their limits. I think the 23 1.7 works great and can be super sharp even wide open in the 1-2 metre range, lovely bokeh, gentle but cool flares and macro-esque performance. The 12 1.6 is great for out there shallow but wide shots (foreground and background) - not so great at landscapes as its a tad soft unless you stop down to about F4. I'm keen to get the 35 1.4mkII and the 50 0.95 but its slightly out of my price range at the mo. Something about shooting with these SLR MAGICs at 4K takes the edge off the sharpness / video-ness.

    With the GH4 i think - Ideally a set of these or Voigtlanders (for cooler shoots, fashion films, music videos, short narrative films etc) and a set of Samyang Cine Primes for more 'clean' commercial shooting, plus some sharp modern olympus or pana glass for corporate stuff.

  • I just got the SLR Magic 17mm and I'm having issues with it breathing a lot. I'm also finding it way too soft, even at T2.0 and T2.4. I'm thinking about exchanging it for a different copy. Have you noticed any of this with your copy @Flaaandeeers?

  • Ok, so I got a different copy and it's much better. It still breathes a lot so I'm assuming that's just how they are. I attached 2 photos both shot at T1.6. Although it isn't perfect, I hope the tiles will provide an idea for the barrel distortion.

    4608 x 2592 - 730K
    4608 x 3072 - 761K
  • My focus ring on the 17mm just crapped out on me. Can't achieve infinity focus as it became extremely loose. Bought this in June when they had the $349 deal. It's been my goto lens since...but I am disappointed. Will return for a new one. Last chance for this lens and manufacture...but the new 10mm looks nice.

  • have deals on SLR Magic 17mm T1.6 and other SLR Magic lenses. As usual, still more expensive compared to B&H US, but it is still a good news for Christmas for Europe m43 shooter!