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Which lenshood and lens cap for Tiffen Vari ND's ?
  • I was about to ordre a Tiffen 72mm Vari ND, when I discovered that the frontring on this filter does not have a thread. To the best of my knowledge this means you can't put a cap or a lens hood with threads on the Tiffen. Which hoods and caps can be used on these ND's ?

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  • Before you order, do a bit more research about the front thread thing. I have 3 Tiffen Vari ND's : 52, 58, and 77. The 2 smaller ones have a front thread and were purchased in the last year. The 77 doesnt and it was purchased a little over 2 years ago. I got them here in China from the official Tiffen supplier in this region. Dont know if the 77's in the China market that are produced recently have front threads or not.

  • I had both 77 and 82 version.

    They don't have a front thread. The front part is pretty wide on both, though.

  • A mattebox :)

  • They also have those arms with a flag on it that you can cold shoe or 1/4 20 it - if you are not going for the ultra cool mattebox look ;)

  • It's only the later version of the Tiffens that have a front screw - your retailer should be able to advise. I bought one, but then I bought one of the Genustech Eclipse VariND's, and I prefer the results from the Eclipse.

  • Mattebox is out of the question, - and if I wanted to go that route I would not those a screw in filter. Thanks for the suggestion anyways.

    @mrbill Thanks, just what I needed to know. I will check with the retailer

  • UPDATE: Yesterday I emailed Tiffen about the front thread. I just received this answer from Tiffen tech support :

    "No front threads Regards, Donna"

    Well, according to Tiffen, their Vari NDs does not have a front thread.

    Would the Marumi ND2-ND400 72mm DHG Variable Filter be a qualified alternative to the Tiffen? In another thread on this forum I read the Marumi square ND's should be of pretty high quality. Has anybody any experience with their vari ND?

  • My bad - confused the Tiffen with the later Heliopan variND. I do have the threadless Tiffen, but would still recommend the Eclipse - which does have front threads. And it's significantly cheaper..