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GH2 underwater
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  • Very nice, any red filter used? Which lens did u used?
  • Love one of these housings but the price ...ooch.
  • I couldn't find a thread to put this in and i wanted to share this on water shot from a GH1 V2 lpowell 75mbps Peak Reliable 720p 50fps 1/100 video frame,14 - 140 Kit lens Smooth mode, screen captured out of Sony Vegas Pro 10 with no CC or alterations. If you didn't know you would swear it was a photo. The video motion is awesome.

    So for those guys like me who are still working the GH1, it can hold it's own even when shot from an unstable platform like a jet ski and mounted in a WP housing.

    1280 x 720 - 189K
  • > So for those guys like me who are still working the GH1,
    > it can hold it's own even when shot for an unstable platform
    > like a jet ski and mounted in a WP housing.

    The problem is that there aren't pro uw housings for the GH1 :( I wish there was...
    The only housing is the 10Bar but it has several limitations.
    Then the GH2 got the wonderful Nauticam housing...
  • Actually no matter how good the housing, once a camera goes under, expect to throw it away.
    That's why i am so excited by Gopro cameras. Great mini HD cams made to rough it out in every conceivable terrain!
  • I am amazed at the quality, I bought a GH2 a month ago it had sound problems so I sent it back now the 2nd one has some glitching issues and banding in areas of plain colour.
    seeing your shots has shown me that my GH2 is faulty for sure I get so much grain as well.
    Thanks for sharing I to have many years of underwater video experience and value the quality of your video.
  • @GOODEMPIRE, would you mind to share settings that have been used in those videos?
    @LongJohnSilver, there is a very nice underwater housing for GH1 by Seatool.
  • Aquavideo ( makes an excellent housing for GH1/2. Mike Hastings, the president of Aquavideo is a GH hack enthusiast and is very involved in GH1/2 Stereoscopic development. He's a good guy and makes a great product.

    David Cole
  • @all asking for infos, it looks like an ad for the Nauticam housing, I'm not sure @goodempire shot this (there is a bunch of these videos uploaded by the same youtube user), unless he works for Nauticam ...
  • @kkfok never seen here in Italy the seatool housing nor I found someone using it. The 14-140 port is very curious

    @David_Cole Where I can see the aquavideo housing? I couldn't find it on their website. Seems like they produce custom made housings, isn't it?

    @lenuisible yes I think the user is linked to Nauticam or maybe to Panasonic. Months ago I asked them for some uw sample shot with their housing and they told me that they rented a uw rig to Panasonic for a demo reel...
  • The GH1 Seatool housing was in stock in USA some time ago and there was a very good discount on it as they weren't moving stock. I didn't end up buying it but regret it now. From memory I think it was reduced to $1200 us.
  • What could be a good patch for underwater (deep, low light) use?
  • Some footage from a recent trip to Isla Guadalupe, all shots taken with GH2 (no hack) 10Bar Housing, dome port and Lumix14mm and Leica 25mm lenses. Best watched 1080p

  • @stowmaine

    You would love it here in South Australia...plenty of Great Whites, and the local cage operator has a deep cage for experienced divers as well as a surface cage.

    Great video but also lots of mid-blue water banding. This is a fact of life with the crappy AVCHD in the GH2...and drove me crazy until I found that using HBR MJPEG goes a long way to mitigate the problem. It's not just an 8-bit issue since the Nikon D800 and my new GH3 shows no banding at all.

    Rather than show another Great White video, here is some stuff shot with a GH2 ... on AVCHD before I found that MJPEG minimized color banding. Lumix 7-14mm @ 7mm; converted Subal F4 housing with large glass dome port:

  • Thanks for the feedback and info on settings to mitigate the banding.......Plan to video Humpbacks in Bermuda in about three weeks time.....definitely try the MPEG setting......very interested in the GH3 were it not that it is incompatible with my housing. Enjoyed your video very much.....

  • @stowmaine What kind of settings did you use with the 14mm lens? Aperture, Shutter Speed, AFC,AFS,MANUAL Focus etc. ? And did you have any problems with 14mm was it wide enough angle?