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  • @kae

    I'm relatively new on the boards. Just wondering where can I find your 65mbit settings? Been trolling google for awhile and came up with a bunch of different stuff but not the file.

    Question to everyone - what is currently the best recommended film mode for shooting/latitude/color correction?

    Thanks to everyone for all their hard work on testing these hacks. I happily donated my share to Vitaliy the other day.
  • @5thwall I think the Kae 65M GOP3 only works with the previous version of Ptool and shows cadence problems in the stream with the current Ptool. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone. I think most would recommend the driftwood 132M GOP3 in this thread for shooting if you're after a low GOP setting particularly. However, the maximum image quality thread contains cbrandins excellent 44M and 66M GOP12 settings which are here. Both of which hold up really well in post and are very stable to shoot with.
    Check Ralph Bs great tests comparing them and the 132M against the raw HDMI output here
    Also stip has done some good extreme Color Correction tests on the settings too in that thread.
  • @Stray
    You are welcome!
    Also as for me, it is glad that you are pleased with my setting.

    Since the cadence problem will occur inevitably if AQ is set in 66M LowGOP, I looked for the good setting without caring about AQ, as you guessed.
    In addition, various magnifications of Top and Bottom setting were also changed. Since I did not understand the theory well, I was able to change the value little by little and was able to combine well in search of the value of just right arrangement.

    Although I tried considerably, some problem may be found afterwards.
    If there is it, since you are more detailed than I, please correct.
    And please find and share a more wonderful setting.
    Of course, I also test further.

    Since the cadence problem occurred when swaying the blanket gradually during the test now, I am correcting a setup instantly...
    1296 x 633 - 198K
  • @Stray
    Sorry! Since the problem of a card error and cadence had occurred in QV20 in 24H80%, I changed into QV22.
    It seems that its 24H and L, 80% are all stable in this setting although I frame size becomes somewhat small.
    There is a problem of span, of course...
    Please try.
    1296 x 631 - 208K
    1296 x 634 - 210K
    1297 x 633 - 408K
    1297 x 633 - 411K
  • Right, I don't shoot at 80% so no problem for me. But I will change setting file to QV22 if I need to. Thanks for the info.
  • @Stray

    Thanks for that. Just getting my bearings around here. What settings are you using currently?
  • @5thwall At the moment I'm currently using the 66M GOP6 @bkmcwd just shared on here, mostly just testing it, it fits a very specific need for me really well. However I will probably continue to use the cbrandin 66M GOP12 AQ2 for most of my general needs, and I'll be using this new GOP6 for when I want that particular motion look (and probably mostly for outdoor shoots, or for very well lit shots in general). So, to answer your question simply I'd say the cbrandin 66M GOP12 AQ2. Its rock solid, and incredible looking footage that stands up really strongly in post.

    I don't ever take shots longer than 5-6 minutes, so spanning isn't a concern for me. If I did ever need to take really long shots (unlikely) then I'd drop down to the cbrandin 44M GOP12 AQ4 and use it's 24L 32M setting which has always spanned when I've tested it. But who can say what the next ptool version will bring, maybe we'll be able to get a GOP6 or a GOP3 at the lower bitrates that can keep the image quality right up there with the cbrandin GOP12 settings accross all light/scene conditions. If that happens I may change my decisions again. I don't personally like the way GOP3 looks. I do like GOP6, for specific subjects its beautiful to my eyes (specifically when shooting physical artistic performances, dancers etc.) For everything else I'm more than happy with the GOP12. YMMV
  • Q will overwrite any AQ settings
  • @driftwood Thanks for the confirmation, I figured that would be the case.
  • @driftwood
    Thanks for the info.
    I am always referring to your hint.
  • Here is a sample video with Driftwoods 150mbps hack. See the strobing! This is 24p in PAL-land, Australia at 1/50th shutter.
    Is there a way to minimize this ? I see this to a smaller degree on other shots as well - interestingly its a lot less using the EX-Tele feature.
    I know there are multiple threads on this - but Mr Eoshd had footage 24p at 1/50th on vimeo without this strobing.
    Just wondering what I am missing.
  • your video is 2 seconds long.
  • "your video is 2 seconds long."

    LOL, if that.

    It's too short to observe anything.
  • I had time to do a bit more testing for steadicam motion yesterday. There's detailed settings information in the vimeo links below, as well as the ability to download the clips. I used settings that have received a lot of positive feedback, gleaned from my lurking around this fantastic website:
    Brandin GOP12 44M AQ4
    Brandin GOP12 66M AQ4
    Brandin GOP12 66M AQ2
    Bkmcwd GOP6 66M Q20
    Driftwood GOP3 132M AQ2

    Thanks to all of the incredible testers and to Mr. Kiselev. I'll be donating again.

    @driftwood I ran your 132M GOP3 and I think it looks great, even better than the 100M GOP3. This is a top-notch setting, and what I'll use for any non-spanning shots out of this camera for the time being. @bkmcwd Your 66M GOP6 Q20 settings work very well on steadicam, and similar to @cbrandin 's 66M GOP12 AQ2 (which, correct me if I'm wrong, your settings are based on?) - if it indeed can span then I will be using this as my baseline setting. @cbrandin 's setting 66M GOP12 AQ2 is terrific and produces comparable quality as @bkmwd with greater efficiency, but, to my knowledge doesn't span.

    bkmcwd 66M GOP6 20mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 152K
    bkmcwd 66M GOP6 14-140mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 162K
    Brandin GOP-s 44M AQ4 20mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 163K
    Brandin GOP-s 44M AQ4 14-140mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 163K
    Brandin GOP-s 66M AQ2 20mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 165K
    Brandin GOP-s 66M AQ2 14-140mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 165K
    Brandin GOP-s 66M AQ4 20mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 166K
    Brandin GOP-s 66M AQ4 14-140mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 165K
    Driftwood GOP3 132M AQ2 20mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 163K
    Driftwood GOP3 132M AQ2 14-140mm.PNG
    1297 x 683 - 163K
  • Nice work DancingCamera!

    I'll need to spend some time analyzing all you've offered here.
    One thing for sure the 14-140mm lens 132Mb/s example and graph really shows how well Driftwood's 132Mb utilizes data bandwidth.
  • The video above is small, so its easy to download the vimeo file. Just freeze a frame and you will see the artifacts. Its very obvious in the video.
  • @zcream Use a tripod.
  • @DancingCamera Those footages made me smile. Thanks for sharing. 14-140 is a great lens.
  • @DancingCamera
    Thank you for the wonderful work! And I appreciate having nominated my setting.
    I verify thoroughly later.

    BTW, although I stuck 66Mbps,3GOP compromise setting before, QV was set to 24 in order to use 24L mode.
    I also think that QV can be set to 22 supposing someone uses only 24H mode.

    Screen shot: 1st is 24H, 2nd is 24L, 3rd is 24H80%

    Sorry! 1st setting is wrong. 2nd one is correct!
    1297 x 633 - 409K
    1297 x 633 - 405K
    1297 x 633 - 404K
  • @zcream Do you mean the flicker in the noise ? That will happen at high ISO settings with the in camera noise reduction turned on. I've noticed it myself and I put up an example of it here. Though the flicker is a lot more obvious in your footage.
    There are a couple of options, turn the noise reduction down a bit and turn the contrast up (increasing the contrast really helps the in camera noise reduction), or turn the noise reduction off completely and remove the noise entirely in post with Neat Video or similar.

    The other option if you need to clean up existing flickering footage in post is to use a deflicker filter thats usually used to deal with unsynced flourescent lights, or inconsistent aged film (or if you've been shooting a time lapse shot). Just for info, I only denoised a tiny amount with Pixel Farms Clean software, deflickered with Nuke and did Grading and CC in Scratch with scaffolds.
  • Insane Extremity time: 220M GOP 1 AQ2 1080p24H. Try this out to just to see the detail! Don't shoot at Pappas Death Chart it will eventually die. Even Elecard Streameye can't cope with this. Will shoot at upto 125 shutter and probably beyond... The Elecard buffer analysis test looks great and its very very good quality if you like the effect of GOP 1 on the GH2. :-)

    Why did I try it? Because we can thanks to Vitaliy.

    Update: The picture and chart (Chris's Streamparser can parse these mts files - Elecard Streameye has trouble) are taken from a dark room with a single 800W Redhead light thrust my way whilst I'm spinning on a chair. Note: the mesh lines reflected on the white wall area is from the redhead cover). Panny 7-14 Wide angle lens 125 shutter.
    Driftwood's Extreme GOP1 setting 220M AQ2 -
    Driftwood GOP1 Extreme Setting - 220M 1080p24 - shot in darkness with a single 800W Redhead on the 7-14 Wide angle - VLC screengrab.png
    1891 x 1001 - 1M
    Driftwood GOP1 Extreme Setting - 220M 1080p24 - shot in darkness with a single 800W Redhead on the 7-14 Wide angle.png
    1295 x 690 - 77K
  • @driftwood I'm loading it on the cam now, and will upload later just for kicks ;-)
  • Damn driftwood I-frame city! Man, did the camera get
  • HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS CINEMATIC! (sorry, but me so excite. looks pretty raw, very crisp, no blocking or banding AFAIK.) Great job. I'll upload shortly.

  • 1. download original file
    2. watch on HD monitor
    3. change your undies :-)
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