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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @RKM Hard to say. Long GOP codec records only differences between I frames, so when everything is moving P and B frames are large as I frame or camera freezes. My point is if you shoot detailed patterns you may try Moon5 since it is sharper. To me the sharper image the better. We are in front of 4K revolution, so we need as many details as possible. Would be interesting to see picts comparing Moon7 and Drewnet with those details of feathers.

  • I would agree that it would be great to see some really direct comparisons. For my purposes it is really hard to get good comparative shots since everything is so dynamic, I am not into stationary cameras most of the time. A lot of Glidecam for me, and for that the 60p settings in Moon T7 are a lot better than Drewnet. Maybe for tripod work Drewnet has an advantage like you say, that I didn't think of...

    Overall though, even for tripod stuff I too want the maximum detail and sharpness "ahead of the 4k revolution"!

    I would like to give Moon T5 a shot if it was sharper on the 24H setting. Is it still available somewhere?

  • Not to get too far off topic..but the 4K revolution is still a ways off. Yes, the GH4 is coming soon, but for most everyday screen sizes, 1080p is more than good enough. Even most movie theatres project in 2K. I think the 'real' revolution of 4K won't be until H.265 or another codec makes distribution of 4K content much more feasible; but then you also need the prices of 4K displays to drop, so more people have them in their homes...which then leads back to needing a pretty big screen or have a very close viewing distances to make it worth it to step up to 4K. Give me more color information (10-bit/RAW) over resolution at this point.

    @Tjabo PM sent

  • @powderbanks indeed consumer level 4k devices such as TV's and computer monitors still have a while before they are fully adopted. However, I am more than happy to jump onto the 4k train as a producer mostly for the benefit of reframing and enhanced resolution scaled down to 1080p. It may even be possible to generate 1080p 4:4:4 images by downscaling 4K to prores or dnxhd 4:4:4 (the 4x higher resolution even at 4:2:0 when downscaled can create a pixel for pixel chroma sub-sample area). So 4K shooting with the GH4 could be wonderful for green screen as well when downscaled to 1080p.

  • @haarec I like sharp details too but sharp details are the first to go when running out of encoding bitrate. Sometimes slightly less sharp improves overall detail capture, especially very low contrast detail and can result in better endresults after post processing.

    Even if I find a way to test D9 and M5/M7, I must share MTS files because youtube has its own way to mess up the patterns where my master looks great. Where all little patterns on the flank of the pintail look as if you watch it through a quality binocular. Pretty spectacular for the GH2. I don't know many other camera's that handle these patterns as good as GH2. Here is one example from last year:

  • Some Moon T7 silly footage...

  • I only got my GH2 a few weeks ago, and i use the 'Apocolypse Now 444' hacks because they give the most detail, I still think they are better than moon T7 (not sure though cause i'm new to the world of GH2!).

  • My first showreel, shot at 90% with hacked GH2 (Moon T7, Moon T5, Valkyrie). Thanks a lot to Vitaliy Kiselev, Driftwood & Bkmcwd for making GH2 such a great tool! And thanks to all members on this forum for helping in every way.

  • Here's a promotional trailer for multiple music video projects I directed and edited. Performance scenes were all shot with the GH2 Moon T7 patch and the behind the scenes footage was shot with the Canon 7D (B camera).

    (View in 1080p)

  • @tymeorama wow! what lens do U have? this really look cinematic :)

  • @tymeorama Very nice work. Shows what can be done with the GH2 and Moon T7. Can't wait for Moon T8!

  • @rezyserzycia @caveport :thanks!!! It was shot mostly with Pentax 43mm, Samyang 85mm, helios 44-3, Tair 11A. For the animals at the zoo, I use only the C-mount Sony TV zoom lens 12,5-75 mm lense in ETC Mode. Snails shots & seaside shots (at the end) were done with stock Panny 14-42mm.

  • Moon T7 720p 60 w/ Olympus 75mm & Panasonic 12-35mm

  • @RKM nice ducks :) Yes I think Drewnet with a bitrate lower than Moon is the best setting for you, specially since you are waiting-and-recording to catch a right moment. Wouldn't be better to upload those films on vimeo even in 720p rather than on youtube? You could also use dropbox or wetransfer to share original quality.

  • I shot this short comedy/drama skit about Texting and Driving use Slipstream #3 hack on the GH2 with Zeiss ZE prime lenses and mostly natural light, bounce boards and practical lighting fixtures. Graded using Colorista and FilmConvert

  • @jonsimo good looking stuff. Good film too.

    I think Slipstream hasn't gotten enough love from folks who, for various reasons, aren't shooting All-I. I can't say I was ever disappointed with shooting Flowmotion but the first time I looked at the results coming from Slipstream I determined it was what I was going to shoot if I wasn't shooting All-Intra.

  • @jonsimo

    I think the point would have been better made if the driver's life with the woman didn't devolve into suicide, but instead turned out not to exist at all because he actually did hit her.

    The current version is more than a bit...mysogonistic.

  • @BurnetRhoades what's your current top setting? I'm waiting patiently for moon t8.

  • I really like Moon T7 but there's really just no going wrong with Driftwood's patches, any of them. You see great looking Slipstream and Intravenus II continue to be posted. They're like having different film stocks.

    One thing I haven't done that I'm going to have to try sometime is see if I like any of the patches more or less better than any other when shooting anamorphic.

    Again, great film man. It was interesting seeing a lot of the same faces in your really cool slow-mo in reverse piece as well. Brilliant stuff there, content wise, to go along with the imagery.

  • gh2 -14-140 20mm nebula

  • @jonsimo I really really enjoyed that. Fantastic job sir.

  • @andy68 Thats huge! I like exposure, composition and cropping. I watched it with pleasure. Great job!

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