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  • Hi. Just wanted to ask: did any of you have a bad experience by subscribing to the free 7-days download period on Videoblocks or Graphicstock? Both sites use the same kind of commercial strategy and are, infact, the same company. I found a lot of negative comments and complaints about Videoblocks and the trial period, less on Graphicstock (maybe because it's a newer site). But also found some positive feedbacks. I'd like to download some video and graphic materials I actually need, but seems too easy I can get them for free... Some people say they were billed before the period expired, just because they downloaded something, other say they couldn't find the link to unsubscribe. One must give the credit card number to access to the free period, and that doesn't convince me. What's the truth about this story?

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  • Good question. I signed up and paid...something with the visa. After this, was asked to upgrade and on and on it went. I was preparing a B.G.for a Ted talk and that's all. I wanted, now I'm in the loop with them and my inbox is full. I suppose the question also is, Who's footage is this? Anyway, I'm going to try and cancel my subscription...somehow. They're just trying to do something new, but I think they got their business model from Viagra.

  • That's what other people say also. Can someone suggest me a good site with motion backgrounds, after effect templates and graphic stuff, where you can choose and download what you need at a reasonable price?

  • I signed up about 6 months ago to VideoBlocks, seemed like a good deal at the time, but then the email after email came saying to subscribe to the premium features. I was like, "Aren't I already a premium member?" Is this an upcharge and there are multiple levels of membership that you didn't mention in the first email.

    EIther way for that reason alone, skip it. I was about to cancel, but I've still got a month left and it said if I canceled early I don't get to download anymore. Scammers.

  • Eh, I've been a member for over a year and it's easily paid for itself again and again. Stock music, sound effects, people cutting strawberries :) I can't complain at all and I've had friends grab stuff from it too.

  • I trust Boris FX, because I bought their software, but they keep advertising for videoblocks as well. I read too many negative comments and I will not subscribe.