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SANITY X - High Bitrate Version of Sanity
  • Here is Sanity X, a new high bit rate version of Sanity. Sanity X tops out at 100M, but like earlier versions of Sanity, it only uses as much bit rate as necessary to reach it's quality level (which in this case is damn near ultimate). If there is not much movement or noise in the scene, the bit rate will drop down considerably, but the quality will not.

    And the best news of all, Sanity 5.1 is still available in this patch. What I've done is move the 24H setting of Sanity 5.1 into the 24L slot of Sanity X. So, you can have both at the touch of a menu setting.

    The other shooting modes, 1080i and 720p are unchanged from Sanity 5.1.

    Spanning works in Sanity X if you use a fast card. It has been successfully tested with 64GB Sandisk 95MB/s and 64GB Sandisk 80 MB/s cards. Ordinary class 10 will not work for spanning, although they will probably work fine for shooting. Spanning continues to work with class 10 cards in 1080i and 720p since they are unchanged. Spanning with class 10 cards also works in HBR mode if you use a third party manual lens.

    So, what exactly do you get with the higher bit rate? At first glance, it will be hard to see a difference between Sanity X and Sanity 5.1. That's how good 5.1 is. But if you look closely, there is just a tiny bit more finer detail in Sanity X. Also, if you lift the shadows in grading, you will see more detail in the range just above black. Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. That's for you to decide. But it's real easy to shoot comparisons - just flip between 24H and 24L.

    NOTE: Please download the file marked Sanity X The first two files are faulty posts.

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  • @Ralph_B I think there is a problem with download link.

  • @EYESOUL here is the file to download excellent work @Ralph_B could not be uncompressed downloaded
  • Can't wait to try this Ralph. I really am excited about have Sanity 5.1 on the 24L, smart thinking. Do you think this patch has the potential to span or is that something you don't plan on working on?

  • Awesome. I find myself consistently flipping between Sanity 5.1 and Spizz T6/Flowmotion

    This sounds like a great all in one patch.

  • I did a quick spanning test. It spans in 24H with a Sandisk 64GB 95 MB/s. I could record until the battery died.

  • @rheinpirat

    That's great news. I only tested it with Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s Class 10 cards. Perhaps it will span with other faster cards, as well.

  • I did it with an 32 GB Transcend Class 10 Card, too. One time it stopped, but once it stopped after 3 files. Strange.

  • It's spanning on a 64 gig 95mb Sandisk Ralph. Interesting setting and I just started testing but it appears to have less noise or at least finer noise, at high ISO. Looking forward to getting into it over the weekend.

  • I just tested Sanity X with a 64GB Sandisk Extreme 80MB/s SD-XC 1 card and it spanned flawlessly. It ran 1hr, 7min and then the battery died. So, Sanity X DOES span - it just requires a fast enough card. I'll update the info in the first post. If anybody uses other cards that work for spanning, please let us know.

  • Sanity 5.1 is a very good job. I'm in feaver for Sanity X. Thanks, Ralph_B.

  • I noticed the available record times is the same as Sanity 5.1, as far the time estimated on the camera display. Since 24H is a higher bit rate shouldn't the time allotted for filming be lower? Also 24L is the same as Sanity 5.1 24L as far as recording time when I expected it to be the same time as 24H according to your description above.

  • The estimated recording time is usually not acurate with Sanity because the actual bitrate varies so much. In my experience, the camera records longer than what the estimate says.

  • Amazing! Thanks for the development and testing! This will be next to @balazer's Cake probably the most usable setting for my needs! Cheers :-)

  • Filmed a 20 minute clip using 32 gb 45mb/s SD card and it spanned perfectly. Thanks for the X!

  • My English is not very good. Could you make a table explaining it?. I do not understand is that 24H and 24L 5.1 X. .. 2 Hacks in one?

  • Yes, It is 2 hacks in one! 24H is Sanity X, 24L is Sanity 5.1.

  • Oh my god!! I have to take time to prove it. The other day a fashion record with 5.1 Sanity and 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro w95MB / s card. In several shots I was blocking the camera. the camera was blocked completely. One was returning to work removing the battery. I appeared herror information about a card reading. The stage was lit but the funds were black. My conclusion was that making quick movements to change the type of plane, squeezed the camera too. someone else you been the same

  • Yes, It is 2 hacks in one! 24H is Sanity X, 24L is Sanity 5.1


  • Hey I Just tried Sanity X and i'm only noticing an approx. 5mbit Increase over sanity 5.1... I thought this was supposed be a "HIGH BITRATE VERSION OF SANITY" adding 5mbit isn't much of a difference =( even though in this post its talking about figures in the 100's

  • @TATZU

    It all depends on the subject matter that you're shooting. Remember, Sanity X and Sanity 5.1 are variable bitrate patches. They only use as many bits as necessary to reach their quality level. Personally, I've never seen anything as low as you're describing, but I guess it could happen. I typically see bitrates in the 60M's for low noise scenes with a lot of detail and moderate amounts of motion. When I shoot high ISO, noisy secenes at night, the bitrate will be up in the 90M's. Don't ever expect it to hit 100M, though. That's the ceiling.

  • IS there anyway to confirm it actually updated from 5.1 to X and would cake 2.3 be a higher bitrate alternative?

  • here is a short flick created using the sanity hack (of course youtube compressed the shit out of it =()

  • @TATZU Cake 2.3 also has variable bitrates, and just like the Sanity also @balazer didn't intend to create a data eating monster. I am big fan of the Cake's quality&reliability and can't await to try the Sanity X in real conditions (for my own needs). If it spans as good as Cake does there we are!

  • Yeah Sanity is Definitely the most stable. I Recently bought a 90mb/s 64gb card so now i use moont7 the only con i see so far from moon is the fact that it takes up so much space. on a 64gb card can only record 40 minutes or less of video.

  • Anybody able to do some comparative video?