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  • Your comments? This is being shot with GH2. Here is the Teaser trailer-

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  • Any thoughts on this?

  • He better be careful with that stock/newsreel footage.

  • It looks like overexposed footage shot with a cell phone.

    I think I get that it's supposed to be really bright outside but I think there are better ways of doing that without completely blowing out every scene. Part of it could be the white balance is still very neutral/cool. I think you could make it contrast rather nicely with the underground shots if the outside bright shots were more warm/gold and the inside dark shots were cold/blue.

    I think you might be able to take some pointers for camera angle from the times square scene in Vanilla Sky.

    Good luck with your project.

  • I liked the motion graphics, the music, and the edit/length of the cuts. It maintained my interest most of the way through so the editing was fine. I think the good production skills displayed would benefit from better looking footage of the actor. I would consider how to make the lead as compelling as possible. In the end I would like to she her in more danger, pain and despair, like her life depends on it. Don't just have her ask the question "who's there?" help answer that question by having "it" knock her to the ground so to speak, even if you choose to keep "it" unknown to us. Give me a reason to believe it not safe for her to "go back into the water". Built the tension then release it with impact, then build it up again... make me care about the lead, put her in real danger and then I will want to see the rest of the movie to find out what really does happens to her. Good job putting this out there, your skills are evident.

  • Thanks for responses

  • Hey AndyS, I recognise the shots from Queen St! ;-) And guessing you're perhaps using the North Head - Devonport Tunnels?

  • Put army hat on teenage girl = end of the world is near.:)

  • Made me laugh, cheesy as hell. "So bad it must be good" stuff.

  • I don't think the clips are consistently graded. Some of the actual footage of the actress looks very video-camera like, while some of the other stuff is cinematic, and the main effects are very vivid compared to the rest. It doesn't quite fit together, but I am sure it can be adjusted to work well.

  • I really appreciate your comments. Clearly the "blown out" look is not working. We are due to reshoot that stuff soon, so I will try different methods. And yes - it is Queen Street in New Zealand. Thanks so much for the helpful feedback.