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m42 to m4/3 adapter
  • need a good adapter for a helios 44m-5 one that will press the aperture pin and alow infinity focus. any good ones people are using?

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  • I have a nameless .. middle price .. variety that works, it's looser than I would like .. most lenses I can wiggle and get past infinite. I intend to buy a novoflex, as my experience was similar with MD adapters (I bought several cheapies). Purchasing the Novoflex Minolta MD and all is perfect.The Novoflex adapters are machined .. rather than castings

  • I use a Fotodiox, sometimes with a helios 44. It pushes the aperture pin, and is generally ok. But the connection to the camera is not perfectly tight, you can rotate it a tiny bit, and sometimes the camera pops up a message about not having a lens connected.

  • My adapter has a tiny screw inside the barrel that mounts to the camera. Is there any reason for it? I guess it is there to help to fit the adapter in case it is not 0.1 mm perfect, but i´m really not too sure.