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Robocop trailer
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  • With all the rant going on about this, why not give it the benefit of doubt? I hope they won't water it down to a PG13, but toy sales would probably take a beating :)

  • I was gonna give it the benefit of doubt, then I saw this trailer.

  • Reaganomics, Comicbook Violence, Dark Humour, Peter Weller, Paul Veerhoven, and some of the most memomerable one-liners of the 80's - gonna be tough to live up to that, don't think I'll be buying this one for a dollar ;)

  • Robocop was probably the first R-rated movie I saw. I was 11 and I begged my grandpa to take me and I PAID for him to see it....that was a big financial hit for an 11 year old. It lived up to everything and beyond what I could of hoped it could be. It was the first movie my grandpa had been to in over 10 years and he also enjoyed it.

    I doubt any kid will have that similar experience with this one. In no small part because Verhoeven was a mad genius and infused a movie that 10 other directors turned down with something few other could have....soul.

    That right there says it all. Now let's talk the suit. The first suit was iconic and Weller was a bean pole and needed to be that skinny to fit into that bulky suit. That gave him heft and bulk that this new guy doesn't have even though he's already naturally buffer than Weller. Also the suit didn't work at all when it was delivered. They threw away months of movement work and had to come up with an entirely new way for Robocop to move in one frantic weekend.

    Some of what I've heard of the new one is kinda cool, but this trailer is seriously weak.

  • Thanks @CRFilms. those are fantastic videos!

  • Great stuff! The 1987 movie is really a strange classic! It shocked and amused me at once! Despite I´m brazilian, it will be hard to beat Verhoeven´s version. Padilha is no match for Paul´s genious creativity. The new trailler was well compared with Iron man and Spider man. The acting in this new one seem weak, something bad for a good cast... Lets wait and see...

  • I don't like the black suit...I'd never seen the redesign with the original coloration before. I was cool with it until seeing it black.

    I want to hate this. But I love the actor they have playing the new Murphey.

    So conflicted!

  • Joel Kinnaman has his acting skills together, as long as the script's ok. I liked him in AMC's the Killing and Easy money 1-3.

  • Part of the appeal for me of the original Robocop is the subversive nature of a lot of the Ed Neumeier's script. Paul Verhoeven as a non native was a perfect choice to direct as he gave an outsiders view of America which was really refreshingly bleak. The advertising that peppers the movie is brilliant, the villains are fantastically dimensional, and even if they only have a line they seem to have a back story.The cast is uniformly great, the gore is still shocking, and the suit design sublime.

    It's a massive amount to live up to. I feel this new version will be similar to the recent Total Recall, which underwhelmed, for me.

    I might not buy it for a dollar

  • Total Recall was directed by a former Godzilla art department worker who later directed playstation commercials and gave us the quality milestones: Underworld: evolution and Die Hard 4.0.

    Robocop is directed by a documentary filmaker with a major in english literature and international politics who happened to churn out some half ass indie flicks such as Tropa de elite 1 & 2.

    Go figure :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for the links. Haven't seen these

  • It's funny how they used the Terminator score in the original trailer: