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GH2 Battery Grip purchase
  • hi, 8 days ago i bought my son a grip for his GH2, and after payment i never heard from them again, so yesterday i rang paypal to get them to follow up the postage details, but now i get an email from paypal saying i was refunded my money because when they were given an option to provide paypal the tracking number for the item or issue a refund of the $119usd to my account, they chose the latter, so obviously they are not a very reliable place to buy stuff from.

    the reason why i bought it from this place was because i first bought one from an ebay store because i was buying other items for my own panasonic camera, but when the grip arrived it did not fit the GH2, it was meant for the G2 so i returned it for a refund.

    this is so annoying, so can someone please give me a link to a reliable seller, as my son is getting annoyed at all this messing about.


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  • please can anyone help me find a GH2 battery Grip.

    it would have been good if panasonic made their camera's with external mounted batteries so higher capacity batteries can be made and used without the need for these grips.

    please let me know where i can buy one, or email me at


  • @glenpinn

    I have no idea, I suggest if you really need good battery grip (with all it's functions) to upgrade to GH3.

    As for external batteries, just check big topic about GH2 powering.

  • hi, thx for the reply, i just dont get that Ownuser website, they are the manufacturers of those grips, yet they appear to be dodgy to buy from.

    i bought the GH2 for my son early this year for his film & television batchelor course at uni, and now regret it, even tho he likes it.

    the GH3 is a wonderful camera but at the time it was way too much for my son, and the grip on that camera isnt any good because it only has 1 battery, and the other battery has to be placed in the camera battery slot as usual, and if it goes flat, the grip has to be removed to replace it.

    i personally dont like DSLR type cameras for video, as a videographer, i still use traditional style cams, and soon to be moving on to a panasonic AC-AG90 or a Nex VG900.

    i have googled the internet but so far no luck, except these external power devices, which i think are a pretty good idea, and there are many available in ebay, from 10,000mAh up to 23,000mAh capacity.

    my son doesnt like them tho, but i will order one and try it out.

  • has anyone out there got a battery grip for a GH2 they want to sell.


  • @glenpinn, check this out it is very good! I also wrote something for this grip in another site!

    "I have bought this battery grip about 2 months ago. Also a friend of mine uses it for more than 3 months. We are both very happy. Not the best quality construction as factory grips (like canon) but it does the job just fine. It is a modified Nikon 5100 battery grip. I have been shooting all day long without any fear of getting battery low indication. Before this I had the Dolgin battery adapter with a (original) Sony battery and it was more expensive. GH2 now has a better look and better handling with this grip."

  • some more info by me . . .

    "I always have a Manfrotto quick release underneath the battery grip. It is very sturdy don't worry. I am using a monopod, a tripod and a flycam at the same all day event. There is a small cap on the side of the grip (for the lithium battery) that sometimes opens when it takes a lot of pressure, but I fixed with some instant glue. No worries so far. It also has a four LED battery indicator by pressing a small button, very helpful!"

  • hey guys thank you for the information, i will email that place about shipping them to australia, because thats where we live.

    our only other option was to buy an external portable power pack as i shown in my previous posts, which to me is a great way to add more power, but it must be carried in your pocket, or be attached to the camera rig/tripod while shooting.

    the down side to this big battery grip you have suggested is the size and weight, looks very big and cumbersome, but maybe in reality its ok.

    also how is it charged, just plug the cable into the mains power on the wall i assume.

    also has it got a battery meter built in, or will it show up in the camera battery meter.

    cheers guys.

  • Far more better handling with the battery grip. Charges via external power supply (some hours), better unscrew it off the camera and turn the switch on. Four LED indication battery level on the back of the grip. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  • ok thank you very much, this is great news.

    • can the original battery be left inside the camera body while this battery grip is attached to the camera, or does the grip attach inside the battery compartment to provide power to the camera.

    • also, do you know the approximate recording time when used shooting video as i know a 54mAh battery surely would not run for 9 hours recording video, or maybe i am wrong.


  • Sorry for the delay! Battery grip uses the dummy adapter inside the camera, so no other battery is present. Maybe not 9 hours of actual recording, but I have used it to an all day shooting (more than 13 hours) and recording more than 5 hours of footage, with LCD on. (setting camera sleeps after 5 mins of innactivity). At the end battery still had some juice. Carry an original GH2 battery for backup.

  • hi, thx again for the reply, i guess if it can shoot 5 hours or more, even up to 6 hours of video, it should be ok.

    i also want to buy my son one of these 20,000mAh portable power packs that you can carry with you as additional backup power for laptops and camera's, as well as recharge all sorts of laptop batteries, mobile phones, camera batteries etc.

    according to the seller, this power pack can provide up to 12 hours of power for video recording and laptop use, and even a lot more when charging phones.

    it could also be carried in a camera bag to recharge things like camera batteries, and battery grips while on location, and if it really is rated at 20,000mAh it should be able to recharge one of those 5400mAh battery grips at least 2 times.

    it is very unfortunate that because the battery on the GH2 & GH3 fits internally, you cannot buy long life batteries that are a bit bigger that will provide longer recording life like the traditional type video camcorders can use.

    my panasonic HDC-SDT750 camera has an external battery slot, and i have got several 2800mAh batteries in my bag that clip on the back of the camera and can record 5.5 hours of video each, and i bought these to replace the original 1250mAh battery that only shoots 1.5 hours.

    EDIT: actually, if my 2800mAh camera batteries can shoot 5 to 5.5 hours of video, surely a 5400mAh battery could shoot at least 9 hours easily, even my 1250mAh battery gets about 1.5 hours video.

  • I recently purchased CGPro Battery Grip for GH3 to use with GH4

    cost me £114.99 include shipping,

    after I got this, the truth surprised me, image I googled the words on battery and found it on taobao, probably the original seller,

    just 610 CNY/RMB, and it says it do support battery level display on body,

    I haven't full test this, CGPro one doesn't support battery display on body, but I cost way too much on this.

    800 x 600 - 28K
  • Anyone know if the gh2 battery grips from Cinegear/Taobao or ownuser work on the Panasonic G7? They take the same battery, but would the grip itself fit? The screw mount is obviously the same but anyone have any idea if there's issue there?

  • @psynema

    the original seller at Taobao do have model for G7

    and he actually have more solution for long run power supply if you want,

    I do have once order a GH2 battery grip and ask him about have a DC jacket that can let me use it on GH4 by switching between different dummy battery,

    I currently use a SONY NP adapter couple with dummy battery

    which I can use for powering my GH2/GH4 or external monitor, much more flexible but you need rig to hold the battery adapter.