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Panasonics collapsible X lenses (14-42mm pancake and 45-175mm tele)
  • Wow I want one of these.



    * Panasonic Lumix X 14-42mm Lens, price $399 or £350.
    * Panasonic Lumix X 45-175mm Lens, price $449.99 or £400.

    Panasonic Lumix GF3X Lens and Camera Kit, expected price <£600.<br />Availability: already abailable.
    According to Panasonic the X lenses it will be fully compatible with Olympus cameras!
    PowerZoom is multi-speed
    It doesn’t rotate on focusing (you can use filters!)

    MTF charts and Image samples of the 14-42mm X lens -
    MTF charts and Image samples of the 45-175mm X lens - .

    Available at:

    * US:
    * US:

    * UK:
    * UK:


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    Press release

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    Hot Interview by ePhotozine

    There may be a more lenses such as macro, more zoom, large aperture, and prime lenses in the pipeline. While we were unable to have specifics, more lenses are already in the works, and on the X lens roadmap. High quality lenses have been developed after learning Leica qualities and applying them to their own designs, and by using software correction they are able to correct any distortion caused by the more compact lenses. This will mean that the distortion will / may show on RAW images, and that Panasonic will need to update RAW support for these new lenses.

    He also said that the GH3 is not due imminently, as the GH2 is still extremely popular, but that there is a high end GF series camera in the works.”

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  • Thanks for spotting, I'll add info from 43rumors soon.
    I really like Panasonic approach.
  • power ois
    power zoom
    nano surface coating
    hd optimized
    internal & power focus(???)

    Wow. Sounds expensive. Not sure about attaching a set of filter, anamorphic lens, diopter on its filter thread.
  • Maybe not expensive, seems very desirable.
  • Wondering if it will be parfocal ...
  • >Wondering if it will be parfocal ...

    Interesting thing that you don't need to do any parfocal lenses with build in focus motors :-)
    All you need is proper software that is able to adjust focus during zoom :-)
  • good point, and it should be easier to do with a predictable zoom speed unlike the manual zooms.
  • Power this, power that but unfortunatly still to slow :( for my job.
    I think to buy leica elmarit 2,8-3,5.
  • They just made an undesirable lens desirable. However, it still has too small of an aperture. I had the 14-45mm and just couldn't find a good use for it. It was too slow for indoor pictures and didn't have enough reach for outdoors.

    The 45-175mm sounds cool if it is this small. I would love to have a good small telephoto lens. The focal lengths make sense as well. All of these collapsible lenses are around 4x. I doubt we will ever see a 10x collapsible lens because it still wouldn't be that short.

    I can't help thinking that I would still rather have me 14-140mm over these two pancake lenses. The extra 35mm in the telephoto is not that big a deal. If the power O.I.S is better that might win me over though.

    What I really want is a 50mm F1.8 with O.I.S. Sony did it so Panasonic can too.
  • >What I really want is a 50mm F1.8 with O.I.S. Sony did it so Panasonic can too.

    I much prefer perfect 50mm F1.4 from Samyang :-)
  • >I much prefer perfect 50mm F1.4 from Samyang :-)
    Me too:) As I said, if Samyang makes a great 50mm 1.4 and something like a 135mm or 180mm, they'll rule the budget video lens world!! and they'll be invaluable investments

    However, what I do want from Panasonic, which I think would be not so big an effort, is to take the wonderful 20mm 1.7 and give it very good silent video autofocus and very good stabilisation!!! is that so much to ask? 40mm (FF equivalent) is a great focal length, the lens optically is superb, sharp and fast, it is a great all purpose lens that you can use and for portrait and for "wides" if you're stuck, it's less shaky than a 25mm lens is (50mm FF equ.) but not as steady as a 14mm would be ofcourse. So if it got good O.I.S it would be perfect, and also good autofocus for video!. For all my other lenses I don't really care, as I do narrative stuff mainly, but I would want 1 lens that would be good for run n gun docu stuff, for steadicam work etc.
  • Lumix G X 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 with Power O.I.S

    - superb image rendering for lifelike textures
    - crisp edge-to-edge contrast
    - Nano Surface Coating
    - 26.8mm length!
    - 95g
    - It has 9 lenses (including four aspherical lenses and two ED lenses)
    - It has two buttons, a electric-powered zoom button and an autofocus button (there is no zoom nor focur ring!)
    - 0.1 second Light Speed AF with the Panasonic GF3.
    - Minimum focusing distance wide open is 20cm. On the tele end it is 30cm.

    Lumix G X 45-175mm F4.0-5.6 with Power O.I.S

    - superb image rendering for lifelike textures
    - crisp edge-to-edge contrast
    - Nano Surface Coating
    - Inner focusing
    - 90mm length
    - 210g
    - 0.15 second Light Speed AF with the Panasonic GF3.
    - The lens has almost the same size of the Olympus 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6.

  • Auto focus button?
  • Big weight reductions

    Old 14-42mm was 165g
    45-200mm is 380g

    $250 more than the standard lens is too expensive though
  • For those of us who have been long awaiting for a "pro" zoom--like a constant F/2.8 aperture--this is a real disappointment. I know it is a great achievement to make it that small, but we need a fast zoooooooooooom~!!
  • Not all of us want fast zoom lens, for outdoors over water at 1/50 i have to add huge ND just to get the 14 - 140 kit lens down to a reasonable f number for sharpness. Plus i want deep dof to capture interesting backgrounds. This will be a perfect small zoom for a waterproof housing.
    Luckily the 45-175mm lens still maintain the zoom n focus ring, now much usable with the availability of multi-speed zoom button.
  • Will be my two next lenses (not counting Samyang 24mm) :-)
    Read at the bottom part, Panasonic will release firmware v1.1 for GH2, G3, GF2, GF3 to add new functions to the new power zoom lenses in early October.
  • >Panasonic will release firmware v1.1 for GH2, G3, GF2, GF3

    I have bad feeling about this, as we'll need to rewrite bunch of stuff :-)
  • .. and probably add other functions (25p :o) in ver. 1.1 .... (as they are working on it and testing it)
  • Hopefully they appreciate ur work and won't make it difficult for u to hack :-P
  • @MarkV
    or surprise us w 50p, haha...
  • @7hau
    50p? come on.. it's Panasonic :-)) that is "too much" .. we have to wait for next gen. with AVCHD2.0 I think..