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B&H safety vs Discounters
  • Wanted to get some feedback from people on their experiences with ordering cameras, lenses, electronics etc. from discounters online. I've always ordered from B&H because I knew they were solid in terms of delivering what they promised and dealing with returns without any problem. Usually the B&H price was only 5-10% more. But now I'm looking to buy the Panasonic 12-35 F2.8 lens. B&H has it at $1139, but I checked Amazon and see it's available "brand new in box" from various sellers for as low as $919. That's a 20% now I'm tempted to order from one of the Amazon sellers, but obviously don't want to get burned.

    So what do you guys think - smart move?...dumb move? Thanks all

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  • In depends on sellers. Check their reputation and feedback.

  • Amazon won't be responsible for any third party issue. Getting a free return shipping label, getting refund, etc. It would be strictly between you and the 3rd party seller.

  • Do searches on Yahoo or Google too. You can usually find complaints or problems people have had. I find this a little more useful than going on the reviews that can obviously be doctored in Amazon. I've purchased a few items from "cheap" sellers and for the most part haven't had any issues, but I've found a few scammers out before I purchased too.

  • @svart and @stonebat Good advice - thanks.

  • I'd check the seller's rating from then search forums for user experience about the specific product from the seller. See if it's easy to contact their customer support. Ask them if it's from gray market. Never buy a seller's extended warranty. Never use a bank debit card. Banksters don't care. Some credit cards like AmEx have a return protection up to $300.