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GH2 to monitor: is there a hack to stop auto change to Interlaced when camera set to progressive?
  • Hi all,

    I've been tinkering with my camera set up. I wanted to monitor what I was shooting on a bigger screen, and wanted to use my macbook pro retina as the monitor. I bought a blackmagic intensity shuttle, connected it via HDMI to the shuttle and the shuttle to my mac via thunderbolt.

    At first I had no picture - the camera was set to 24p cinema mode at FH.... but, in order to get the camera working through Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 capture function (and the blackmagic media express software) I had to change the settings on the software to 1080i 50 - so it looks like both pieces of software think the camera is spitting out 1080i 50 rather than 1080p 24.

    As a result, I have 2 questions:

    1 - does using an HDMI monitor change the footage captured on the SD card in the camera from 24p 1080p to 50 1080i? If not, then that's fine, I only want to monitor the footage and can cope with a visual change showing on my Mac. If so, then.... we have an issue.... 2 - is there a hack or option in ptools that will keep it at 24 1080p if it does affect the SD card recorded footage? I'm using Flowmotion v2 at the moment.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev - can you, or any of the geniuses on here help?

    Many thanks,


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    1. It does not change whats recorded. (But it does disable all ETC modes.)
    2. :-)
  • @Meierhans great thanks! You are one of the geniuses! Your response has raised another question though: ETC mode, as I understand it, crops the sensor and effectively makes the GH2 into a normal video cam. I usually shoot 1080p 24fps.... does ETC have a big impact on shooting high quality video?

  • No genius, just reading this place for a while. ;) ETC gives your more noise (so not very useful in low light), is less sharp and suffers a bit from moire. But its quiete useable. Just give it a try, you will see yourself.

  • Just be careful when recording in 720p with HDMI out. It will record 1080/60i (720/60i?) Which unless you had previous knowledge of will definitely ruin your day o(╯□╰)o