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Easiest way to match GH2 & GH3 footage (in camera)?
  • Using GH3 and GH2 as B-cam. Clips rarely match well and the editor where I work never bothers to even try post-correction, I'm not even sure he notices (but that's a whole other story). Anyone have any tips on what in camera settings I can use to make the output look fairly similar? Just assume all things are equal when it comes to lenses.

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  • Well, for start it would help to match the luma curve by not going to flat with GH3. Set GH2 to -2 and find a value in GH3 that approximately matches GH2 contrast. I found GH2 to be a bit sharper in a good way, but maybe it's a nice intra grain (noise actually) and GH3 to be a little smudgy which also might be due to the internal image denoising. So play with that, sharpness, noise reduction, and contrast. GH2 footage is also slightly greenish, and you might also try to match that with custom white balance tint settings in any of the cams.

  • I had good results using Driftwood's GH3onaGH2 settings

  • I have used GH2 and GH3 together, i would start with setting both on manual WB and tweaking them to the point where they look similar. I don't know if you use identical lenses, i use 25mmf1,4 and MD50mmf1.4 so they look quite different but with WB i got them to look pretty similar. I guess in combination with the tips from @flablo and @inqb8tr you've got a place to start