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NewMap rigs and follow focus, Tilta alternative
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    Available on our deals:

    1. Complete rig (see included items in post below) price - $1010, as usual includes free shipping to US/CA/W. Europe/AU/NZ
    2. Same rig, but not including case - $965, same free shipping
    3. Follow focus - $235, same free shipping

    Send me personal message (on the left column at ) if you want to purchase any item here.

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  • Included items:










    800 x 811 - 82K
    800 x 457 - 43K
    800 x 712 - 72K
    800 x 545 - 52K
    800 x 659 - 54K
    800 x 293 - 38K
    800 x 685 - 66K
    800 x 823 - 65K
    712 x 428 - 45K
  • That C-cage and handle looks nice and solid. From what I can tell though, it attaches directly to the shoulder mount instead of to the rods with standard 15mm clamps. Unfortunate, that.

  • @sherwood

    It is not "unfortunate", it is proper design for specific rig.

  • I disagree. It unnecessarily restricts the user to a proprietory design. That's why the rod system has been universally adapted.

  • @sherwood

    You are free to think as you like.

    Such rig is made with specific idea in mind (having camera above the shoulder), and making C clamp as attachable to rods kills whole idea.

    If you so like to have other C clamp, just get different rig.

  • Possible to buy the plate/shoulder mount seperate? i would really like the base (camera mount + shoulder pas)

  • is it possible to offset the shoulder mount so that cameras without swivel screens can be in front of the face?

  • @disordinary

    It is rig made for specific purposes and with clear intentions. To be short - to have most weight directly above your shoulder.

    Get monitor arm and monitor :-)

  • only few people seem to have this. There are 2 vids on youtube and the only pictures one can find is from this website. Can someone post some pictures of his/her rig ? (:

  • @klem007

    I'll ask guys to make ones and post here, do not worry.

  • it is a product TILTA, so very good. for 750 € it is good investment

  • it is a product TILTA, so very good.

    It is not made Tilta, but design is similar.

  • Why is that bottom screw so long on the follow focus? I understand with the lens support.

  • Why is that bottom screw so long on the follow focus? I understand with the lens support.

    Because you can rise it :-) it is original design and very interesting.

  • I bought this one.

    here is the video from dealer. Nice person Mrs Joi.

    I like the design and will bring review of items,

  • I look forward to it @endotoxic.
    It looks like Tilta quality at a sub Lanparte price.

    That first images in this thread .. the shoulder position looks perfect for the FS100 form factor ... just need an EVF

  • Hello.

    I havebought and used the newmap rig. It is very solid, and have grate design. Lots of configuration and adjusting going on. I think its a new design with very good options. The aluminium is good quality, but cant say same thing on painting coat, its very low quality on the matebox and on its parts. The paint on the rest of the parts is ok, but can get easily scratchedm, not as bad as rthe mattebox. I didnt resived the allen screws, but i have one set here so its ok.

    The only drawback is the follow focus, its...its not good, the build quality is very good, but i have like 0.7cm of play before any gear begins to focus right, so...its kind of not good thing about it. Ill tray to adjust internals, but i havnt disamble it yet. I think it can be fixed..but i dont know if it is inside error, or faulty design.

    About the general design of the rig, is very good. I like it alot. it is heavy, so those finding a rig with low weight, it is not recomended, but its construction is ROCK SOLID.

    Only one design flaw is when all rig is assembled, and you lif it up, the hanndle seems to hold good the weight, but it kind of fold like 0.4cm with the weight of the rig...i dont know if it is the aluminium quality cos it seems good, and i have assembled the unit the right way.

    Overall its a good rig, tha supports lots of cameras, and have a unique design that may be usefull for some and little bit sturdy fo others.

    Im pleased with this product, i would recomend it to other people.

    Here the error from product:

  • Error loose follow focus

    This is how the inner gears arrived.

    4608 x 3456 - 3M
  • @endotoxic

    I understand, use PM. Defective parts will be replaced.

  • I have the same findings @endotoxic . My follow focus banged around in the box when sent so i have some scratches on some parts also the gears of the ff got broken. At first it was very stiff and load. My dad played with it and fixed it, i have now a smooth throw but still some backlash though it's acceptable, also before this one i have been spoiled with the trusmt one so i'm not used to normal backlash. The whole construction is rock solid and nothing moves or ratles. I am however having a hard time finding a right place to put my viewfinder for a nice shoulder setup, i have to choose between EVF or Mattebox.

    Anyhow good rig for an honest price.

  • The screws holding the rods in place are not very good quality, one broke at the back. The mattebox is also soso. the handles are still holding together pretty good and are rock solid when filming. the c-cage is also still good and the plates holding the dslr in place keep it there, even whilest focussing with the ff it will not move! I sold my tilta follow focus and kept using my trusmt. The more i use rigs however the more i dislike them. Seeing all i spent on these add ons to make a dslr useage friendly didn't realy make it better. If a good all in one camera came out with changeble lenses i'd jump on that. Give me a af100 with gh3 inner workings and i'll shelf out the money.

    1267 x 1901 - 689K
  • @klem007 @endotoxic

    How are the handles holding up after all this time?

  • @vicharris

    I'm still using the rig. I use the shoulder plate with the handles the most. No more cage for me. The handles are still in good condition i can recommand them though i'm sure the tilta's would be a better buy if you only plan on getting the handles (:

    I love that they swivel in any place you want them to. If you got any more questions feel free to ask !