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Edelkrone RedRock Micro Proaim Skier Dfocus Dcage mounts and accessories clear-out.
    • Edelkrone Hand strap as new £70-00 + shipping SOLD
    • Edelkrone Monitor EVF holder as new £70-00 + Shipping SOLD
    • RedRockMicro DSLR Baseplate+ Mini Tripod accessory as new with 9" 15mm carbon rails £75-00 + Shipping SOLD
    • Proaim MB600 wide angle matte box with frech flags and side as new £70-00 + Shipping SOLD
    • DFocus V3 as new (will throw in Cinevate 360 degree follow focus ring) as new £59-00 + Shipping SOLD
    • Dcage for GH2 as new £120-00 + Shipping SOLD
    • Skier O-Ring Rail Mount as new £80-00 + Shipping

    PM me if you're interested in any of this lot.


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  • Edelkrone Monitor EVF holder

    70 GBP including postage so send me invoice :-)

  • Its sold this morning sorry mate!

  • Hi, soundgh2. I'd like to offer £100 inc. shipping (as that's all my budget allows) for the cage. I'm based in the UK. Cheers.

    (Slightly OT: How are forum trades usually done by folks here; is it via Paypal?)

  • Hi mate have some interest in it and its priced right I think already so sorry!

  • Hi, can you post some picture of the O-ring? What is included? Thank you!

  • Hi - here's a piccie and a video - it's quite versatile - you have 2 moveable hot-shoe mounts and 1/4" on the front and rear of handle (for Lights, arms etc.)

    450 x 600 - 45K
  • No worries. It's not an unreasonable price, so I guess I can stretch my offer to £120 inc. postage. Do let me know in case your other offers don't fall through. Good luck with the sale!

  • Thanks mate sold I'm afraid now though.