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Frames stabilization. Need help.
  • Hi, i need to make some frames of horse riding. I will shoot it from moving car and i need to reduce shaking. I have 900$ to buy a stabilization device. What do you recomend for me? Do i need arm, or i can make it with steadicam in my hand? What can i buy for my budget? I am totally novice for work with steadicam, so will be happy with any recomendations. Thank you.
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  • Hire a freelance steadycam operator with a steadycam. Only thing you could get is a Merlin, but there is no way you will learn how to balance it in a very short time.
  • @allenswrench How long i need to learn? I have near month to start shooting.
  • I am not sure a steadycam is what you need for what you described. You should get better in a month if you don't give up and practice every day- but it can be very frustrating. Also, use the widest angle lens you have - this helps a lot.
  • Buy the 14-140mm and just start practicing holding it as still as possible. Then shoot 720p 60 fps and slow it down to 40% in post. Slowing the video down does a lot for stability.
  • I'm sure @mpgxsvcd already knows this. Just to clarify for @allenswrench. Conform 60p footage to 24p. e.g. On Premiere Pro, you can interpret the 60p footage in 23.97 fps. Then there is no frame loss.

    +1 on 14-140. Also a grip gear might do the wonder.