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SOLD: Edelkrone FocusOne Pro
  • Selling fully working in mint condition the Edelkrone FocusOne Pro. Very solid, high quality.

    Price: $330 USD including postage, will send worldwide, payments via PayPal. I'm located in Sweden

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  • Final price: $300 USD

  • One more price reduction : $250 USD + $25 postage ... = $275 USD

  • @plegilink , @jazzroy second hand and mint is not same also in condition as new. I sell it cause I need the money.

    However is my right to set the price on my items or ?

    Consider: New price $ 289.99 (edelkrone website) + $37 + customs tax $30 (approx) = $356.99

    Buy this one and you save over $80 that is in condition as new and works as new one!

    If you are in EU than no import tax if you buy this one ...

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