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My company is investing in new equipment, can anyone offer advice on camera packages!
  • Hi there,

    My company is going to invest in camera equipment and have asked me to give them an equipment wish list but with several options. What can anyone advise? We will be shooting high concept corporate videos and transitioning to commercials, to produce in-house at an ad agency.

    I was thinking the following for 4k acquisition.

    • Option 1: Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7Q 4k Recorder
    • Option 2: RED Scarlet
    • Option 3: Black Magic Cinema Camera 4K + 2K Pocket Camera
    • Option 4: Canon 1Dc

    For HD 1080p;

    • Option 5: Panasonic GH3
    • Option 6: Canon C100 or C300.

    Lenses: Zeiss CP.2 lens 5 piece lens kit

    Rig - Lanparte Rig

    The company already owns Canon 5D MK3 with Canon lenses but I am happy to change.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • They didn't tell me, they said give them options.

  • What do you use in terms of editorial? Is there room to switch to a different editorial platform than what you already have? Do you need super fast delivery from lens to post? Is quality or speed your highest priority? When does the purchase need to be made?

    My critique of the convergent option is that the licensing system may be a pain in the ass.

    My vote is for a well sorted scarlet (+ dragon) system if you need high speed at 5k up to 60 fps (good for 4k delivery) or if you don't need high speed at high res - then bmpc4k might do it for you.

  • yes I have been given the go ahead to switch to whatever we need. Previously we would outsource all production but now the bosses want to do as much as possible in house to save money and make more money I guess as they can still charge equipment fee. So aside from the bigger budgeted commercials that has a budget to source an alexa for example and a big crew, they want to be able to produce slick looking promos, corporates and smaller commercials themselves.

    I like the idea of the Canon 1DC because everyone is already so familiar with a DSLR workflow. And small teams can go out. It's so easy when I haven't been given a fixed budget. The lenses they already own are Canon EF 70 – 200mm, 16-‐35mm, 24-­70mm.

  • Canon 1DC is a very poor use of budget, and if you are using it to shoot in 4K (and if you're not.... it is an even more of a waste of money than it already is!) then it is nothing like the DSLR workflow that you're used to. I simply would not offer Canon 1DC as an option whatsoever, not unless you can come up with a much better argument why it is a good idea for you specifically.

  • I agree with the above poster, the 1dc is not a good 4k option, it has a very compressed 4k format that is only 8bit and not 14bit and it limits your options with post work, I have worked with the fs700 which is a great camera that is super flexible but i dont have any experience with the 4k recorder, The scarlets with a dragon sensor is a great 4k option its pretty much on par with everything you come to expect from red, The black magic is kind of a wild card not much is really know about it yet so it could be great it could be not so great only time will tell.With your lens set for the 1080 I would suggest looking at the cannon 6d dslr also, ti has a full frame sensor and give you all the awesome feature people have come to except with a cannon dslr, the cannon c-series cameras are also a great camera with lost of followers behind them so cant go wrong there , you might also get another fs-700 for 1080 or look at the older fs-100 which is still a great camera for the money .