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Tascam DR-60D recorder topic
    • Records Up to 4 Channels Simultaneously
    • Screw-On DSLR Camera and Mount to Tripod
    • Operates on 4 AA Batteries
    • Up to 24-bit, 96 kHz PCM Recording
    • Two XLR/TRS Combo Mic/Line Jacks
    • Switchable 24V and 48V Phantom Power
    • 3.5mm Stereo Input with Plug-in Power
    • Mic Preamps for Each Input
    • Records to SD or SDHC Cards
    • Transfer Audio to Computer via USB Port
    • Price:$349.00

    Available at:

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  • This looks great. Lots of pro features. If it sounds as good as the DR 680 it will sell well. Wish it had Sony style battery, but you could rig one for the external pack. You can change the +P48 to +P24 for Schoeps mics and get longer run times. Wish it had four real channels. The "lower gain backup" is a cool feature. And built in delay, nice touch although that is usually done in post.

  • Very interested in this product. Any idea when the official release date is?

  • Any idea what the quality going into the 5Diii would be like? Heard lot's of people saying it's a pointless recorder, but I think it looks good, but only useful if the sound mixed into the camera is decent and clean...if that's possible? Would be much easier than recording separate to my Roland or Zoom.

  • I'm not sure why someone would say that this is pointless.

    Not only can it record four separate channels, but it can mount directly under the camera while all of its inputs and controls are accessible. Try that with a DR-100 (which I own), H4N, R26, etc... I don't know about you, but I have never used the mics on my recorder, only the XLR inputs.

    Personally, I hate having to mount a recorder separately. I want one single unit. Pull it out, slap it on a tripod and go. No fumbling about. Put a slim little arca clamp on the top of it (or far cheaper yet less sleek Sima QuickConnect) and you've got yourself a run and gun single unit that you don't have to fumble with separately. Pull a lever and your camera it free from the audio unit. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    I agree with DrDave; a Sony or Canon battery would have been awesome.

    I was just about to pull the trigger on a Fostex DC-R302. Heard the preamps are awesome. It has three XLR ins, but records just two channels. It is also $1100.

    Finally, I was told it uses the same components as the DR-680, just fewer inputs. If the noise floor is not low enough, I'm sure an Oade mod could be done to it just like the DR-680.

  • Looks really good and promising. Small enough. The right price, at least in usd. I wish the dude in the video would stop speaking for second or two so we can hear the self noise of the "thing"...not the best way to hear it(web, etc) but yet would have been helpful.

    I liked the dual stereo feature(back up track).

    I think battery life is not the best around (btw, if you noticed the battery indicator was almost gone in the video ;)

    oh and why not call it DR-GH2 instead of DR-60D? ;)

  • I don't want to spread any rumors, but I found something that might be interesting regarding the Tascam.

    Some guy starts talking about a new recorder coming up this March for half the price of the Fostex. Then he goes on talking about Sound devices and that new recorder:

    "I wish I could, but I've already said more than I probably should have It comes down to what do you need today for your productions. If you can wait, I'd say to wait. You can't go wrong with Sound Devices gear though. The pres on this unit aren't going to be spectacular. This future unit I refer to will still sound the best when coupled with higher quality pres, however for 90% off the users out there, it will be fine right out of the box. "

    Maybe this guy was talking about the Tascam DR-60D???

  • The Fostex DC-R302 is an EXCELLENT unit. I have one and the pre-amps are pro quality. I can record with peaks only around -12db and boost in post and no artifacts at all.

  • "This future unit I refer to will still sound the best when coupled with higher quality pres" if this is the case this tascam will make no sense to be around. adding more portable stuff on top of a portable stuff? let see when some real hands on reviews start showing up. To me it still looks very promising. Sound Devices are in another league, both quality and price.

  • Seems like a well thought out set of features at a good price. I have been using the Tascam DR-40, and think this would be a worthwhile upgrade. I can't afford $1k for a better unit, but hopefully the DR-60 preamps will perform somewhat better than my DR-40. Actually, the DR-40 preamps have worked out OK for me, with just a little audio sweetening in post.

  • I bought one of these when I sold my HMC150 and so far, I like it. However, it seems to eat batteries. Right now, I'm doing a full format on a 16GB card and it is taking a long time. The client is waiting, so, I hope it finishes soon. Maybe I should have chosen the quick format option. Will update you guys soon...

  • @DailyFilmFix I have the Tascam DR-100 and formatting with that is the same. Full format takes forever so I always use quick format. Never had any read/write issues so the slowness might be a Tascam thing.

  • Yeah, I finally just took the batteries out, restarted and did a quick format. This is a good tip.

    I switched out batteries from Duracells that I use for my wireless mics and went with some recharageables. They held up well. I have to tell you that Duracell "Duralocks" have given me some issues. I think I'm going to go with some Eneloops moving forward.

    I've used the DR-60D for two all day shoots now and it has performed well, but I had to add gain to the input. I set it for the mid setting. I use the Rode NTG-2 and the Sennheiser wireless. It just seemed like I had to push the Tascam to get a high enough floor out of it.

    My Zooms seem to be a little better in that the level is louder. I know that loudness isn't everything and after adjusting the audio is post, it was fine. And, as you guys can tell, I'm no audio engineer.

    Sync was fine, but I did not run video for longer than about 5 minutes per clip. We were shooting controlled interview clips and it was scripted. I wonder if there would be any drift for long interviews?

  • I recently got this recorder and I quite like it. However, I haven't been able to connect it to my GH2. I'm using the "Camera Ouput" on the Tascam with a normal 3 ft miniplug to miniplug cable and a little cheap 3.5 to 2.5 adapter I got at a sound hardware store. The camera shows the message "Please make sure the external microphone is turned on" everytime I turn the Tascam on, but dissapears as soon as the recorder stops heating up. I don't get the little mic figure there's on the GH2 screen when an external input is connected. Also, I get the same message when I turn the recorder off.

    Any idea what to do? I have the latest firmware version (1.10). Thanks in advance, guys.

  • @UnTalGalvis Why would you like to do this? The camera has a noisy preamp and compressed sound. The idea of external recorder is to get a better sound (quieter preamps, non compressed sound recording,external high quality mics, etc)

  • @luxis For video/audio sync reference & backup track?

  • @tonalt what about good old clap, plural eyes, etc... doubling the hiss of two preamps stages in the backup track? The camera is already recording a back up track(of course depends on the situation if its close to source,quiet or loud stuff,room etc. but these are just speculations since we don't know his context of use)

    @UnTalGalvis "but dissapears as soon as the recorder stops heating up" Do you mean stops loading/start up? Could it be just a miniplug/adapter issue?

  • @luxis The DR 60D has a "Slate" feature, which is really helpful for audio sync in post. I aslo thought it could be a cable/adapter issue, so I tried plugging an iPod to my camera (I don't have any other devices) and it worked. I recorded a 10 seconds clip and it got the music coming from the iPod just fine. I know I can use a good old clap, but if I have the option of using the long and constant reference tone of the built in "slate", I'd like to be able to use it.

  • Actually IMO the sound is not bad when used with a decent preamp before going into GH2. I use a juicedlink unit and decent mikes for good results. I am surprised the OP was having problems with the camera out on the Tascam unit. The compression that someone above mentioned is usually from the AGC that is effectively doing just that.

  • Running the two units in tandem, the GH3 and Tascam is fraught with danger, I nearly lost my interview with Sony’s Bill Drummond with a Tascam error. I started the Tascam not realising it was low on battery and it ran out half way through the interview but to my horror I was not aware of this.


    Although the batteries were too low to record the sound you still got enough power to keep the pre amps up and running and the headphones, not a good idea in my opinion.

    GH3 and the Tascam are still poles apart and would make life a lot easier if the GH3 could trigger the Tascam, that still may be possible but as yet I know of no way to do this.


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