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NAB 2013 Exhibition topic
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  • Live Streaming:

    Watch now. Atomos Samurai new IPS screen and connectivity $1295.

  • I got the following via email from BlackMagic about their NAB announcements:

    The new products we are announcing this year are:

    • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
    • Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
    • DaVinci Resolve 10
    • ATEM Production Studio 4K
    • Blackmagic Audio Monitor
    • SmartScope Duo
    • ATEM Studio Converter 2
    • DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor
    • Blackmagic MultiDock
  • DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor

    At IBC last year we introduced the UltraStudio Mini Recorder and UltraStudio Mini Monitor that were tiny monitoring and recording products. The UltraStudio Mini Recorder featured capture from SDI and HDMI inputs and the UltraStudio Mini Monitor allows playback to SDI and HDMI outputs.

    We are now introducing PCIe plug in card versions of these models and they are called DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor. They are virtually identical to the UltraStudio models!

    Both models will be available in late April for US$145 each.

    Blackmagic MultiDock

    Blackmagic MultiDock will be available in early May for $595.

  • MXL also introduced some new wireless lav mike system, did not find photos and PR yet.

  • Let's all meet up at Pink's for lunch or dinner sometime this week in Vegas.

  • Intel just introduced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface, which promises a data rate of 20 Gbps in both directions (on each of the two channels) as opposed to 10 Gbps for the previous version.

    Next-gen Thunderbolt tech (code-named Falcon Ridge) enables 4K video file transfer and display simultaneously in addition to running at 20 Gbps.

  • Would love to hear news of any new SDI capable EVF's. Hope it's time that some slightly cheaper models are coming out. Seems like a pretty eventful NAB this year though.

  • Intel also aren't letting Apple implement TBolt as they've pissed them off! Hence no MacPro currenlty

  • Anyone at NAB caught sight of the new 'desTroy' Camera (see pic below) that at night scatters smart-bombs of 'dark light' before its Nitro-prism sensor shoots 32k lux/colour burst - 3 x 32M tri-pixel images with a bottom-side parallax reflector (basically a Infra Red pixel-check luma/chroma index referencer). Apparently its framerateless. It doesnt use fps. Imagine that - not being confined to frames anymore? At last! The patent was registered in Antartica. Could be a clue to a meltdown? Information overload!

    desTROYcam under wraps.png
    592 x 392 - 197K
  • @driftwood Nick,this is huge and is the best camera form factor ever! Period. The 32k lux/colour burst (framless!!!)is pretty nice to have on board and ready to shoot too!!! Thanks for sharing! Where can we pre-order?

  • Where's Panasonic with all the talks that they where gonna bring a new GH camera and more?

  • @HillTop1

    Panasonic do't have anything interesting at NAB. I think that pro departmnent is bleeding due to constant cuts and layoffs.

  • As much as I love the GH3, I really thought Panasonic were going to bring a successor to the AF 100 to NAB.

    Something slightly bigger than the GH3 with

    • GH3 sensor -1080/60p that actually works on ETC!
    • XLR input
    • Built in variable ND filters
    • Big battery (runtime +6 hrs)
    • knobs for sound, ISO and custom user profiles.

    Okay, now it sounds like a wishlist but not a lot to ask.

  • @Sph1nxster, I hear ya -- Anything that could have done that in 10 bit 422 I would have snapped up. Instead, I've preordered the bmpc. I love the size of the 4/3 sensor and even more importantly the glass, just a bloody shame that panasonic pro isn't supporting it.

  • I kind of like the Canon Cinema primes. Wish they would price them reasonably though. And lower the cost of the C-series line to, you know, what it's actually worth now... $1500 for the C300 and $4500 for the C500.

  • Are GoPro anywhere to be seen? They were to announce a "proof of concept" device at NAB but are they even there?

  • @Rambo, GoPro Booth: C6537. Map looks like Central Hall. Anyone attending willing to report? Thanks

  • Awwwww . . .

  • image

    Photo made by @Tokyo03 for P-V. You can check other photos in FAQ WIki in Media Manager.

  • So nothing from Nikon at NAB 2013? It seems to be mostly Sony and Blackmagic dominating the news....