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SOLD: Proskar Ishico Anamorphic lens 16 2x
  • SOLD Up for sale is my Proskar Ishico 2x Anamorphic lens. The lens provides a 2x squeeze ratio It comes with a case and lens caps by different brands. It gives nice horizontal lens flare and for me the flare is better than Sankor or Kowa.

    The lens looks good but there are minor internal dust and light marks on the lens as expected for a lens of this age. I am getting a Panasonic LA7200 so this lens needs to go.


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  • Please note that you can't register and start posting at marketplace.

    Participate in community first.

  • sorry about that! feel free to delete my post.

  • Pix added. I will be attending NAB and can show you the lens at the show. PM me.

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