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Can't playback videos
  • Hey there, GH2 + 128 Gb Sandisk (45Mb/S). I hope I'm in the good section for my question. After hacked my GH2, I have troubles with Playing back my videos on the GH2. Sometimes it writes me 'Can't playback video'. The hack consisted using ptoo3.66d (beta) changed the bitrate to 88Mb, AQ=4 and PAL/NTSC Menu. I checked the integrity of the card, no errors found. No errors during recording videos (at least, no messages or breaks). May be my possible error was I put Increment to 12 and after rehacking it I put Increment 10. Someone already met this problem ? Best,

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  • It's normal. The cam cannot play back some of the hacked settings videos.

  • @dtr : Thank you for your enlightening answer. Cheers.

  • Turn it off and turn it back on. This is covered many times in the beginners sections.

  • If you change sound setting in your hack,it will happen