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Correct GH2 lens adapter to try for older Tokina (Minolta) lenses?
  • I was having breakfast with my father and remembered that he has a 35mm Minolta XG9 camera with a set of Tokina lenses. The lenses appear to be in excellent condition, so for grins I wanted to buy an adapter to try them out on my GH2.

    Is there an adapter that I could try?

    EDIT: one of the lenses has "M/MD" on the mount ring, so I'm guessing that's probably what I'm looking for...right?

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  • Try the Kipon MD-m4/3 adapter , i use this for my Minolta lenses with the GH2. Those tokina you mention seem to be made for the MD mount all the same so its the same adapter.

    On this site the adapter says kipon and is identical to mine but the listing says pro optic, i suppose pro opitc makes the kipon adapters? In anycase the pictured one is the one i use and it works great.
  • Using 2 of the cheapo ebay ones from Roxsen - work just fine - tight on an older MC 58mm and a newer Minolta lens. Around £11-00 free shipping to UK
  • I've ordered the adapter from Adorama recommended by OSGondar.
    I'm really looking forward to trying it with a couple of the lenses in the kit:

    MD ROKKOR-X 45mm F2
    Tokina EL 28mm F2.28
    Tokina 80-200mm F4

    He also has a "doubler" (I guess to double the focal length?) and a 50mm F2 lens...

    The only lens that looks like it might have an issue is the zoom. There appears to be a bit of dust on the inside of the lens on the front element.
  • You can buy them on ebay for $18 and they work fine. Not all zoom lenses will work without tweaking infinity focus, but 90 percent of the lenses will work OK with no adjustment. The lenses you mention are OK but but there are some inexpensive primes you can get that are better like the Rokkor 50/1.4.
  • i can only tell you my rokkor 50mm with cheapo ebay adapter produces the most beautiful image, its a gem! :) youll have fun with them!
  • Adapter arrived today.

    Spent the last hours of daylight playing around with the 45mm and the 28mm. These lenses are great fun! I captured some great pics/footage in the yard as the sun was setting. Very, very pleased with the adapter! Need to get a feel for how these lenses work with different lighting conditions, but I really liked them as the light faded - especially the 45mm.

    I also tried the zoom lens and was very happy with the performance at the longer reach (200mm). The Tokina zoom has a "Close Focus" option that works very well. I want to compare the Tokina zoom to my Panny 100-300mm lens - which I have found to be a bit soft at the far end.

    I have a project wrapping up the outdoor segment this week (re-flooding a wetland - gotta' love moving water) and I'll bring along these lenses to get some practice in. Interview/Narrative segments follow and will definitely offer further opportunities.


    Thanks all for the hints!