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Beppe Grillo on monetary systems
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  • One thing that frustrated me about this is the fact that he's a stand up comic. How many more stand up comics will point out the obvious and disgusting facts about our society until the society actually changes?

    We're pretty dumb species. We listen to this guy because he's an entertainer. If there was a guy like Beppe yelling these exact things in front of some local bank or city hall, nobody would give that guy any attention. It would just be "oh listen to this fool, ruining my day with his yelling, please, save your breath".

    But when a stand up comic points out the obvious, we all nod our head "yeah, he's right".

    And then we go and vote the day after, for the slickest and best-looking liar, or better yet for the "lesser evil". It's just sad.

  • Very acute and very entertaining.

  • @Riker Are there any options, really? Power corrupts and most people are aboard the same system. Only when people loose out within that system is there any real desire for change.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev interesting interview with the Italian theatre director and actor Dario fo (1997 Nobel prize)

  • @Riker

    "And then we go and vote the day after, for the slickest and best-looking liar, or better yet for the "lesser evil". It's just sad."

    You are wrong on this one: Beppe Grillo founded a new political movement which two weeks ago won the national election in Italy.

  • I'm as Mad as Hell! He reminds me of David Icke, Alex Jones & Howard Beale rolled together.


  • Grillismo:

    100% Bullshit.

    For instance: Grillo supports Same-sex marriage, why should a 5SM candidate's opinion should be more relevant?

    Anyone who read 5SM political program (online on Grillo's blog) can easily agree that it's far from being a right-wing program.

    Do not let bad press manipulate you.

  • So: these shows are old enough, just recently. Now Grillo moved his "protest" to the political parties and the funding they take against the cost of politics in general.

    It 'a shame states that its battle against the economic system is finished into oblivion. Probably also Grillo is somehow controlled by someone.

    On the fact that he is of the extreme right: the media and the newspapers every day trying to shoot shit on Grillo. But he maintained some consistency. Said he wanted to overcome the old concepts of "right" and "left", because the policy of the last 20 years in Italy has been unsuccessful, whatever. Similarly, we may make considerations of this kind of behavior is a way to make indifferent to pick up votes in the elections, on the one hand and on the other, as a "protest vote." Grillo also never claimed to be "anti-fascist", stating that the "question is not within its competence." As if the concept of anti-fascism is also part of this talk, right and left that are to be overcome. This is very wrong, and feeds suspicions about the figure of Grillo as a "fascist hidden."

    After all that's how fascism is born.

  • Grillo also never claimed to be "anti-fascist"

    This is not true. Grillo's own words in Salerno (21/1/2013):

    "I was born in an anti-fascist family, socialist, if you find a single word of fascism here, please let me know"

    (Sono nato da una famiglia di antifascisti, socialista, se trovate una sola parola di fascismo vi prego di dirmelo).

  • So what? He never said to be anti-fascist, is always careful not to say so.

  • Guys, please keep it about economics views, all this fascist or not is really not interesting.

  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Everybody laughs, but few listen. Of those who listen, how many understand? Of those who understand, how many do anything? Meanwhile people go hungry:

  • Grillo cornered the two italian's big parties (pd and pdl) and he's waiting proposals on his program, that is socialist (when socialism stands for: in favour of people and not in favour to banks and big corporations). I hope he will success in what he's doing, even if we have to choose to go out from euro (do we can say euro, or BCE money sovranity?). Hope something good is coming, because worst than we are now, it should be a civil war.

  • Hope something good is coming,

    I am sorry to upset you, but nothing good is coming, you can just check resources and energy related posts on blog :-)

  • I know, here people is very upset, we are pressed by european community (?) and if we decide to fight, we'll find NATO on our way. We lost sovranity the day our costitution was written, but we floated until now. Now is drown or fight.

  • Let's say that the hope to see people on the street against the caste in a serious way, by "civil war", in Italy is really destined to hit the little chance that really happen. We are a people from football matches on television.

    Remaining instead in terms of economic theory, what he says Grillo is not original. It 's the Modern Monetary Theory, MMT, and and the most authoritative scholar we have here in Italy is undoubtedly Paul Barnard. If you can understand italian:

  • Hi Renovatio, You are right on the little chances thing, but the time is the variable of the equation. I don't know how much time people from the streets, and family with great debts, and children to grow, can stand in this situation. Our problem stays in the awareness of the problems, and the bad education of the people.


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