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GH2 is out of stock in most shops
  • It seems that B&H, Adorama, and Amazon have discontinued selling the GH2.

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  • too bad, I still got 2 bodies, makes me happy!

  • @olegkalyan I'd be happy with two bodies, depending on whose the other one was. Lara Croft, maybe...

  • :)) @Mark_the_Harp my wife is the one, and two GH2 bodies!

  • Long Live the GH2!

  • I have only one :(

  • i have 2 bodies, and planing to buy one more.

  • Should've bought a couple when they were being offered for $500 new...a used one now is $700!

  • Yeah, last Nov when B&H offered it at a crazy throwaway price of $499!! Now it's all gone, including in Asia.

    But there are some left on the black market on evilbay. One nut is selling brand new body with the longer lens at $1850!!!!

  • I bought two more GH2 bodies from B&H when they were $499. It was obvious the GH2 was nearing the end and B&H wanted to move stock to make way for the GH3. Owning a three cam setup may seem like overkill under normal circumstances but for the price I just couldn't pass it up.

    Now I just need to figure out away to remotely start and stop them recording simultaneously without invoking the ISO bug! ;)

  • @pundit, does starting to record them using a remote trigger create the iso bug? I didn't realize that. I believe if you search the forums Dr.Dave has written about his 3d work with 2x gh2s and has advice symultareously triggering record.

  • I just learned that Samy's Camera has a few GH2's in stock. (That's weird, I ordered on today, and they said they had a few in stock, now I see they're "backordered" again as was the case yesterday. Hmm... )

  • I found out the hard way, I ordered one the other day, the website said it was in stock, they even took my money when I ordered it. Three days later and hadn't heard anything regarding shipping so I emailed the site I purchased it from, and they contacted me back saying that it was discontinued.

  • @Sw1tchBlad3s, Oh, that would be a drag. Was it Samy's?

  • I just grabbed last month new GH2 body with small OIS lens for bargain price :-) glad I did it

  • @jasantana, yer I was rather annoyed about it. Unfortunately it was from an online store, they are asking me if I would like to wait for the GH3, so I'm going to see how could of a deal they can do me.

  • Chatting with a Panasonic rep at wppi the other day- it's official- they're done making the gh2! Moving to support the gh3. Which is dumb because thy cant make them fast enough to keep them in stock everywhere. The life cycle of cameras is so stupidly short these days. When did the gh2 come out? 2 yrs now?

  • If anyone is looking for a used one, there's a few on Craigslist in LA used right now. I think one is going for $500 for the body.

  • Do you think the average price of a used or new GH2 will rise slightly due to the scarcity?

  • I bought a used GH2, Pany Battery, Generic Battery, 14-42 lens, 45-200 lens, cheap 8 GB SD card and a camera case for $500 about 4 months ago so I'd say yep.

  • Something weird happened with GH2 prices today. I noticed that had set a "buy" price as of March 16th of $600. Yes, Amazon is offering to buy my GH2s for $600USD each.

    AND Amazon has only one new one for sale -- for over $1,800! Used ones with and without lenses are going for $799 to $2500.

    So, all of the new GH2s have been sold and the GH3 remains sold out. I feel like I am in the desert with the last case of bottled water.

  • I noticed that had set a "buy" price as of March 16th of $600. Yes, Amazon is offering to buy my GH2s for $600USD each

    So, buying bunch GHs bodies on sale and reselling them to Amazon could be good investment.

  • Actually the GH3 has not taken off in a big way. I know people are still looking for a GH2. I put my set on sale just to test the market. People were actually interested at $900, body alone. Looks like we have a scarce commodity in our hands.

  • Probably GH2 is even than better the GH3

  • The GH2 has a lot going for it that the GH3 doesn't quite have. It has similar quality to the GH3 (better in some areas), it's smaller, it has multi-aspect sensor, less moire, Francis Ford Coppola's approval, and of course, the hack.

  • Yup, keep telling yourselves the hacked GH2 is better than the GH3. Just like how the hacked GH1 was better than the GH2. And please do pipe up, Lone Guy Claiming To Have Bought a GH3 but returned it cause it amn't as filmick as his Driftwooden GH2. You and Lone Guy Who Claims Hacked GH1 Mo' Filmick Than Film Its Own Dadburned Self should get together, see where it goes.

    Anyway, thank god for things that never change, like the noon day sun, mint juleps in spring, and overheatedgeekboyfora auto-dis of the New and As-Yet-Unacquired.