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Gondor FF-01 Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stops
  • I got today my new follow focus, some new brand Gondor ... (eBay) below is short preview video:

    As soon as i get some time will make a full review.

    The item on ebay:

    The price is: $299 USD, but you can try "Make offer" ...

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  • @feha

    Any reason to get this? TrusMT is both better and cheaper.

  • Yeah, that thing looks like it's the same thing but with a older rail mount system.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , I just was curious as it comes with both gears, but the gears are not metal as I expected (ABC plastic), will suggest him to make a metal one. I have not tested TrustMT and can't compare but this works OK. I got a good deal via "Make offer" ... Construction is solid.

    I liked the red color, it goes well with my GiniRig :-) Also does TrustMT FF have a metal or plastic gears ?

    @vicharris it might be same factory, who knows ?!

  • Here comes a full video review: