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LED Light with ears, hides them if scared
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    • Power source: DC9V-16.8V(DC Power supply adapter) or Sony F series Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Power consumption: 18W
    • Lighting angle: approx. 60 degree
    • Color Temperature: 6300K(without filter or diffuser) average
    • Illumination: 1620-1800lm
    • Continuous lighting time: Approx. 3hours(using Sony NP-F750)
    • Dimensions: Approx. 115mm x 115mm x120mm
    • Weight: 400g

    Comes with:

    • XT-1 LED Video Light
    • 4 Filters
    • Small ball head
    • Sony NP-F750 battery
    • Battery charger
    • Power adapter

    All this for only $85 shipped

    And $66 shipped only if you don't need power adapter and battery

    Really cool looking light and price is good for output.

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  • Perfect VK, bought one. One more thing for the carry-on bag.

  • @Rambo please do a review when you receive it!

  • Ya ok i will. I like talking points and that light will get the tongues wagging when I'm on a shoot. "Damn that Rambo's got all the latest gear""....haha

  • I just got mine. Build looks OK. Not that bright with a pronounced hotspot. Far bluer than anything else I have seen. CRI looks about the same as others with typical green spike in an otherwise balanced image. I am not sure the 2 sidelights offer and general benefits but might give some additional control in specialized situations.

  • What a unique design! Too bad its color temperature is so blue, I prefer 5000K.

  • I also have this now, the blueness matches the rectangular LED lights like the W96 but the light dispersion is much narrower and therefore brighter, thus much better for camera mounted interviews situations which is the main reason I bought it. The two together make a great interview kit if you need a 2 light setup or just use another W96 for the traditional 3 light interview setup and use the " ET" lookalike one for hair light.

    Agree the 2 smaller 1watt ears don't really do much other than correct a slight shadow in close up shots with the dimmer down.

    Very happy with it but as it's mostly hollow they could have make the depth smaller. It comes with 4 different temperature diffusers plus the non coloured one.

    Voltage is 7.2 - 16 volts as is the W96 and using 12 volts really bangs up the brightness over the Sony 7.2 battery.

    I'm taking about this kit as a small travel based interview kit obviously not a full blown studio interview setup.

  • @Rambo

    Can you make small video review?

  • Btw, just noticed that original light ptice dropped to $75 and $52 respectively.