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  • I could see this coming in very handy. Not sure, but does it tilt up and down as well? Also, how far away is our civilization from an all robotic film crew? Will there come a day when the Matrix is rebooted and made by Robots? The irony. Yikes.

  • Not sure, but does it tilt up and down as well?

    As I understand it is not the goal. As for intended task you need only turn camera in proper direction. No need to tilt it.

  • I can see this as somewhat useful product but not in terms of multiple angles when you're a 1-person crew. Leaving hundreds of dollars worth of camera gear on the shore unattended while I go for a jaunt in a boat shooting handheld as seen in the video above doesn't seem like a very smart idea. I'd love to know where that guy lives that he can leave his gear safely and not have it gone when he gets back. I wouldn't leave so much as a lens cap unattended around where I live!

  • I definitely think a tilt feature would be useful in certain circumstances. What if the water skier makes a huge air-borne flip and leaves the frame of the pan only image? Anyway, cool device! I can see this kind of feature eventually arriving future GoPro camera accessories - motorized tripod heads and such.

  • Here's a device that adds tilt and possibility of zoom on certain cameras.

    not sure of price but seems interesting