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Video-Gear Insurance?
  • Hey, I dont know where to put this topic really but I thought someone might know. After a few years of video production and broadcast I am starting to rent out equipment but I am also traveling to more shooting locations that endanger my gear (extreme weather, sandy/humid, warzones and areas with a high crime rate). I never had major issues but I would like to get insurance for my gear. Does anyone know a good insurance company with good policies & good rates (international)? What is your experience? Is it worth it? What if expensive gear breaks in the middle of a production and you need a replacement?

    thanks for the feedback! vaitor

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  • I used Towergate once I started professional work. I mainly have the insurance in case someone trips over a light stand or similar. Mine cost £600 for a year.

  • I use Towergate too and just had to make my first claim after one of my cameras got smashed. Very good service and the staff were great with me. Would definitely recommend them.

  • When you've got that gear insured, take one of the video cameras and get somebody to record you as you handle each piece of equipment, showing all aspects in close-up and speaking randomly about it; where you got it, what it was used for, how much it cost approximately, what condition it's in - anything that comes to mind.

    Even if you never get around to transcribing it all down a into a proper inventory (or updating it!!!) the two copies of that video might really come in handy: for the tax man, the police - and your insurance claim.

  • thats actually a really good idea goanna

  • damm grate topic, im buying equipment in a few days, and i was wondering how could i handle this issue. im buying this:

    The video idea is grate!!! thanks @goanna

  • Towergate looks great but its only for UK citizens :/ Anyone know a company that is international? Or is it better to look into a local company? (i'm based in Bangkok/Thailand)

  • I don't know about Towergate but I have a rider policy out on some of my more expensive gear through my Renter's Insurance. I asked my insurance guy all sort of questions as to what is covered and and in what circumstances. That helped me to understand what disaster scenarios were covered. Renter's insurance is really important to have! I know a person who really wished they had it when their apartment burned down. Though if you use your gear mostly for a business I don't think renter's insurance will allow you to take out a rider. Best check to make sure.

    I agree with goanna! Make a recording of you using all your expensive gear. Multi-angle photos will do as well. Write down the serial numbers! Scan the receipts and e-mail all that info to yourself so it's always accessible anywhere you go where you can get email.

    As for stolen items: My friend had his camera, lenses and other gear stolen a year ago. Coincidentally, a year later, a young women sent him a Facebook message asking why all her pics with her new camera had his website name on them!?! He had set the watermark feature on his camera and it was never turned off buy the thief. He contacted the police and they got most of his gear back! So, there's a little feature that came in handy.

    Hope these suggestions help.