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US: All is perfect, if you prefer not to eat
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  • My brother bought some cheap seeds and set up a 6'x6' hydroponics room in his kitchen, where he grows organic vegetables and fruits. He is hoping to convert the electricity to solar next year. I was amazed at how lush and green everything looked! Really. It was like a booth of Jurassic Park. And it tasted even better. I work in a restaurant in the evenings that uses organic food for a lot of dishes and that stuff ain't cheap. But it is worth it if you prefer your food without pesticides and additives. I know I do. If the price of food (veggies) keeps going up I will invest in a similar Hydroponics set up. Perhaps a smaller version since It's just me and my cat. :-)

  • My brother bought some cheap seeds and set up a 6'x6' hydroponics room in his kitchen

    Next step is to go real with real stuff, not hydroponics (that is unnatural). With pure organic shit used for help :-)

  • Ha! That's what I told him!

  • Doctors generally don't know jack about diet.

    Yes, don't listen to doctors. They don't know anything. roll eyes

    I don't understand where this mindset comes from? I mean, you should do your own research as well... but generally doctors are going to know what they're talking about. Oh I forgot though, only Big-Daddy government and obama knows whats best for you... and liberal-arts professors who are envious that they were never skilled enough for those positions. Oh wait, I guess that's where the this thinking comes from... :)

  • To what extent can these percentage price changes be attributed to change in the value of the US dollar compared to other currencies? Separately and in addition, ala drought, global warming is taking its toll. We should also examine pollution in the sea concerning fish prices.