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FS: Three awesome Nikkor lenses with FF gear!
  • Hey guys,

    2012 is drawing to a close. I'm right now trying to optimize my workflow and sell a few pieces of equipment I don't necessarily need anymore.

    All three lenses were bought at the beginning of this year and were only used a couple of times on pretty small projects.

    They are built like tanks and offer absolutely lovely bokeh. Focus is really, really smooth. I seriously recommend them.

    Perfectly fitting Half Inch Rails gears included. (Best lens gear in my opinion, nice and simple)

    Nikkor AI 24mm f/2.0

    image image image

    Asking price: 260 Euro (345 Dollar)

    Nikkor AI-s 35mm f/2.0

    image image image image

    Asking price: 225 Euro (295 Dollar)

    Nikkor AI 85mm f/2.0

    image image image image

    Asking price: 240 Euro (315 Dollar)

    I'm pretty sure there'll be more offerings in the near future. Keep an eye out.

    Located in Germany. Shipping worldwide.

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  • Another bump! Adjusted prices.

  • looks really great! If i was using something with a larger sensor I'd jump on these. Hell if the prices were lower I'd be tempted regardless!