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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @shian. Gabrielle should give American Idol, The Voice or the X Factor a try. She could go a long way.

  • Another newly edited short!

    Enjoy :-)

  • @jokami looks great, what patch, lenses & filters did you use?

  • Driftwood-> I know you're probably very busy plus GH3 seems to be everyone's new favourite toy:] but is there any news concerning Cluster v8 and Cinema Smooth? Do you think you'll make it before the end of the world? ;) Thanks!

  • @brudney +1 very good question!

  • Hello, I follow this subject since any time but I don't know what hack is better for me. I work in HBR for my work ( documentary's tv, fiction etc... in france), I used to lenses canon fd 50mm and 28mm and SLRmagic 12mm and cards sandisc 16Gb/95Mbits and 32Gb/45Mbits. I tried cluster V6 and now cluster v7 gop6 sharp2, but with v7 I have bug when I filmed mettalic's frame for example and it doesn't span all the time and it's the same with two cards. My Question is simple, what hack can I used to pass these limits of time and bugs ? I can up the flows but the new hack musn't stop after 4Go and it must to be sure. Thank you at all for your answers, and sorry for my bad english.

  • @surfculture.. Try Cluster 6 Drewnet and Flowmotion and decide yourself. Both are rock steady.

  • @surfculture, try Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 Candidate1.5e. It's an extremely stable gop3 setting with superb image quality.

  • abraham1307, Aashay thank a lot for your answers, I hesitate between flowmotion and Valkyrie or I take directly one intra sedna, mysteron, V9B, Intravenus; I don't know. I foresee to buy two news sandisc 64Gb/95Mbits

  • I go to try valkryrie and i'll say you... thanks a lot again

  • If you do, buy SDXC, the new hackings are really spaning a much stable way on sdxc than sdhc 95m/s, valkyrie 444 for example.

  • 21 12 2012 is near ;)

  • Big Thanks to @VK @Driftwood and @Shian who have all contributed in one way or another to the following promo i've just completed:

    This was shot on Intravenus

  • Nice work @Nameless Oh man, you got yourself a De Lorean? Real wheels :-)

  • @surfculture 21 12 2012 is too far :)

  • @driftwood thanks...i wish was should see it hover

  • To all of the GH2 threads participants. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • And merry christmas to you and everyone else here too. ND

  • This is my latest movie from the Club. magic slr 12mm. cluster 6. all -2

  • and this one from last week..

  • i forgot this one too 2 weeks ago..always the same lens

  • a cluster v6 production

  • @pop24 Nice shoots nice place.

    Marry xmass to all

  • @rajamalik Pretty damn cool

  • Hey guys!

    I was very happy to have DP'd our latest short film, The Sheltering Sky. We used Intravenus v1. This film was shot in combination with a 5D mk3 (Any shot that is not at night or inside the car is gh2)

    Hope you enjoy it!