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Sony F3 or BMCC (ended up with a Sony F35)
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  • Thanks for the help! In a strange turn of events, however, I ended up with a used Sony f35 instead. I got it for less than the price of the f3. I can post some tests once I receive it :)

  • BMC has the nicest digital image outside of an alexa


  • F3 all the way! You can't use DSLR lens without adapters, but there is plenty out there.

  • Buy the F3 and then sell to get couple BMC kits. The F3 is a true pro camera and worth quite a bit still. As to image quality, I think the BMC has the nicest digital image outside of an Alexa, just too bad about the smallish sensor. If you do more cinematic / narrative type stuff, the BMC will probably give you the best result. If you need a true "camcorder" with all the bells and whistles, that you can use in practical situations / events / run and gun and no fuss, then the F3 is definitely the better choice.

  • if it is in good condition: F3! If you really use it for jobs you will make the money you spent for the F3 until the BMDCC is available. You still can sell it later probably without big loss.

  • No doubt, at this price jump on the F3. That is a real professionnal camera, well build, ergonomics, picture quality...

  • And there is no catch? I mean, the F3 is in good enough shape?

  • No, it has interchangeable mounts, so you can use most dslr lenses with it. I have a set of old Contax Zeiss T* lenses (35, 50 and 85), so I would probably equip the camera with an FD mount and a C/Y to FD adapter.

    On the BMCC side, I have a Voightländer 17.5mm f0.95 and I'm planning on buying the new SLRmagic 35mm f0.95 if I end up with this camera. Shallow DoF won't be a problem in any case, in other words.

  • Isn't Sony F3 PL mount? So no DSLR lenses? The video of the F3 is very good, but what kind of lenses are you planning to use?

  • Buy the BMCC and I will Buy the Sony F3 off who ever offered it to you as the cheapest 2nd hand F3 I have seen is £6000 here in the Uk

    For me its because the BMCC is touch screen (not a fan of finger prints on my display) has no Audio level meters, Built in Battery, Has to be used with SSD file sizes are huge but smaller with pro res. Don't get me wrong The BMCC is on my list as you also get Resolve with it but the F3 if I had the money would be higher on my list.

  • Thanks for the response! Would you care to elaborate a bit? What exactly would you say is its advantages over the BMCC (other than the ergonomics and sensor size)?

  • F3 its a no brainer. If you want to get a BMCC you could sell it and have enough cash to buy 2.