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28mm F2.8 Vivitar
  • I've bought this lens (Vivitar MC 28mm 2.8) on ebay for 12$. Anyone can help me to find the adapter for my GH1? I think it should be a Pentax K Mount...

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  • If MC doesn't stand for Multi Coated, it could be Minolta MC/MD too. Hard to tell, can you post a better shot of the bayonet?

  • I have the same lens. To my Gh2 I got the MD-M4/3 adapter. It worked!

  • @Faudel thanks for the link :)

    @nomad sincerely I think the label "MC" stands for Multi Coated IMO...I've posted the front of the lens here now ;)

    I have just bought the lens on ebay (the mount is not specified) ...however in a photo by the seller I am able to recognize two letters on the back "PK"...I think it should be "Pentax K"...(see the third photo, at the top)...

    vivitar 3.JPG
    296 x 260 - 14K
    vivitar back.JPG
    246 x 262 - 18K
    vivitar 2.JPG
    239 x 274 - 15K
  • You have a Komine lens, serial 28, so it should be decent. If you like the lens, consider looking for the "close focusing" version that pops up on eBay from time to time. There's a site that has fotos of all the mounts, just find the one that matches.

  • thanks Dave ;)

  • @AlbertZ PK on the lens indicates, as you said, that it's a Pentax K mount....

  • thank you very much @JanH ;)