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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • GH3 Review 7: 'GH3 Demobbed' coming tomorrow - here's a screen grab.

    Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 19.16.48.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
  • Nice people. Thanks you all for your comments.

  • I think this is a good footage.

  • Cleaner shadows makes a big difference. With the GH2 I obsess about having too much shadow in the frame. With the GH3 I would just shoot.

  • super good fotage

  • I got my GH3 yesterday, and have one small question for you guys: Is it possible to stop the screen info from disappearing after 10 seconds of shooting? This drives me nuts and I can't find any way to stop it from happening other than to touch a button every 10 seconds. I really hope that it's just me overlooking something here, because I don't see any reason why anyone would want all vital info including shutter/aperture and audio levels just disappearing from the screen!


  • The EVF sucks! Very bad quality in my eyes.

  • @pilpop you mean worse then on the gh2?

  • yes, the GH2 EVF is much more better and has a higher resolution.

  • The EVF seems a little bit not sharp on the edges. I can see it clearly. The unsharpen-Area moves as i move my Eye.... It's a little bit strange... It's not the EVF itself, it's the Glass over the EVF. If you look in not straight, its getting very unsharp.

  • anybody know if I can use the GH2 Varavon Loupe EX-Solo with the GH3?

  • I need to shoot video for a 12 hour day using a GH3. How many batteries + chargers do you think I need? I think 3 batteries and 2 chargers will work fine, but if I'm wrong about 10 people will be sitting around giving me the stink eye.

    Thanks guys.

  • @ChrisPeters: The Battery holds 4 Hours and needs a little bit more than 3 Hours to charge. When you use 1 Charger and 3 Batteries and if you can charge the Batteries one Day before, you should be fine. Use the first Battery, then use the second as you load Battery 1. Then you Change to Battery 3 and in the meantime load Bat. 2. If you can not load the Batteries before, ok, then maybe you should think about 2 Chargers. But even then, theoreticly 2-3 Batteries and 1 Charger should be ok.

  • @AndersM I'm really annoyed with that too and need a fix.

  • @Greek_m43 It also means that you want to set a setting like WB or ISO after it goes into this lame "sleep" mode you have to push the button twice. Once to "wake" it up, and once to access the setting.

    I don't see any reason for this behavior at all. If you don't want the info there, just press the bloody disp button. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen any more reactions on this...(maybe I'm still missing something? Went through all the settings several times...)

  • You fellows mentioning eyepiece blur-- do you know about the small adjustment dial on the upper right side of the eyepiece that focuses the display image?

    I received mine and it was a tad blurry on the edges, but upon adjusting the focus of the eyepiece, it is razor-sharp from every side--

  • Little vid by me

  • GH3: video"isch" - no cinematic!? why? Aliasing! Color Grading :(((
    Sony A77 IQ help Vitaliy and Nick

  • I really like the built in time lapse controller. I made my first time lapse in no time. I used it with the electronic shutter function which will save the mechanical shutter from wearing out early ifd you are a heavy time lapse photographer.

    I just made a 300 pics time lapse, 5 sec interval on full automatic. Unfortunately I made it in 4:3 format which was a slight let down.

  • @pilpop Great video! Forgot I was watching for stupid GH problems and just enjoyed! It's amazing the difference in the SLR and the Voightlander. I have the SLR so I can spot it in a sec.

  • but only at f1.6, but i like the flares.

  • Hi GH3 users ! Does anybody activated the highlight function to prevent any blown whites? Cause I turned it on to test it, and when I decided to turn it off it doesn't work ! So wether I turn it on or off in the menu the screen or the evf continue showing me the blown up highlights anyway. Am I missing something ir is it a bug?