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GH3 + Steadycam: how to focus properly?
  • Hello everyone. Since I bought a 12-35 2.8 (coming from manual primes) I'm facing the problem of setting the camera for a proper autofocus function when used on steadicam for wedding videos. I am using AFF and Quick AF ON but I get lots of images stuck in out of focus. Any advice?


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  • Manual focus, small aperture and hyperfocal. That's one solution.

  • Without an assistant camera pulling focus remotely (how it's usually done in pro situations) your best bet is to be hyperfocal on a short lens. Auto focus is going to give you spotty results, no way around that.

  • I find I get best AF results using 23-area focus rather then center area. It will go off sometimes but as long as you move smoothly and keep something with contrast in the frame it works surprisingly well.

  • Try AFC, that seems to work better.

  • I use my GH3 + 12-35mm on a Glidecam HD2000 very often. It's all about manual focus and small aperture! I'm playing around with having my SmallHD DP4 on the camera for it's focus assist feature.