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Bit Rate, Frame Dropping, Frame Bending, Mathematics
  • Let's say you have an Action camera with the following specs:

    1080p at 50fps Bit Rate = 28mbps 1080p at 25fps Bit Rate = 16mbps

    You intercut the 50p (25p) (Close range and POV) with Multicam DSLR footage of 24p (Medium and Wide). You Drop the Footage into a 24p timeline with a 24mbps Bit Rate and have the option of either dropping frames or bending frames.

    1- How much information is lost conforming 50p to 24p?

    2- Will the information lost from the 50p footage lead to the 25p (16mbps) footage having a higher Bit Rate in the 24p timeline?

    3- Is it better to drop the 50p into a 25p time line, render at 25p, and then drop the new file into the 24p timeline?

    4- Is it better to just forgo the 50p and use the 25p (16 Mbps)?

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  • I am looking at bitrate more more because I will be doing a lot of post work, and I need something that will hold up better.

    I would rather shoot those sections in 24p, but the camera I have only records in in 60, 50, 30, and 25. 25 is the closest to the rest of the workflow, but also has the least amount of picture information.

  • The questions you ask are very specific to whatever software you use for editing. There is no generic answer to them.