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GH2 Settings Vault, most popular settings in one place, quite old
  • Any attempt to post here opinion or question will be prosecuted :-)

    I looked and couldn't seem to find a nice, neat, and simple thread with only ini patch files people are using. I decided to start one. I strongly suggest we not make this a debate on which patch is better, just a place for people to post their patches with maybe a brief explanation of what is in the patch, which version of ptools you used, which SD card you are using, and maybe whether or not it spans to multiple clips without crashing or stopping. I'd like to see every post in this thread with a patch attached, no debates, no stand alone thank you's, no jibber jabber, just patches; you can do all those other things on another thread. I also strongly suggest everyone gives credit to the people who originally made the patch (if they know who) in their post.

    Posting the same ini files as others are welcome. This thread is not only a vault for GH2 patches, but also a good gauge to see what setting people are using a lot.

    I'd also like to thank @Vitaliy and everyone testing and making this all possible.

    The patch I am currently using is the @cbrandin 66Mbps AQ2 AVCHD Patch coupled with the @LPowell 100mbps Low Light MJPEG 1080p Patch. I used ptool v3.62d to make it and I am using the Sandisk Extreme 32GB 30MB/s class 10 SDHC card with no problems in AVCHD 24L or 24H as well as MJPEG mode. I haven't tested other modes yet.

    UPDATE 1/30/12:
    I am now currently using @LPowell's Flow-Motion patch with 2fps timelapser MJPEG settings. I made it with pool v3.63d. All my tests done so far seem very stable with the Sandisk Extreme 32GB 30MB/s class 10 card.
    LPowell's 100mbps Flow-Motion:2fps
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  • is there a 1080p anamorphic mode hack for gh2?

  • @Saman you have to be logged in. I can download everything here.

  • why cant I download any of the zip files?

  • Exclusive 140Mbps turbo mode boosts peak bitrate to handle 80% Slow-Motion 24H mode Where is???GH2

  • Incredible new Cluster X range of settings at;-

  • SANITY 5.1

    Here is an update to SANITY 5. It fixes an infrequent problem where the picture would severly break up. This update is highly recommended.

    Discussion is here:

  • @Aurelienbentraus and @fredfred27 --> this is for settings only! NO QUESTIONS HERE! @Vitaliy_Kiselev will delete your comments and he should delete mine too.

    Vitaliy: what do you think about making this thread a sticky? I think it is very useful, and now it's being abandoned a little bit.... we should also maybe include in the title: "No Questions or Comments" :-)

  • Driiftwood, cbrandiin, bkmcwd 'Apocalypse Now' - Incredible new 444 simulated settings.

    See the following link;-

  • Link to Flow Motion v2 download page:

    • Reliable 100Mbps peak performance in AVCHD 24H, HBR, FSH, SH, and MJPEG HD.

    • Exclusive 140Mbps turbo mode boosts peak bitrate to handle 80% Slow-Motion 24H mode.

    • Records reliably with all Class 10 SD cards, with 60Mbps file-spanning in 24L, FH, and H modes.

    • 95MB/sec SD cards support file-spanning in all video modes (except NTSC HBR 30p and FSH 60i).

    • Full support for all NTSC and PAL video modes and options, including ETC zoom mode.

    • In-camera playback of all AVCHD video files. (MJPEG HD videos not playable in-camera.)

    • Failsafe operation with any lens, in any video mode, under any type of shooting conditions.

    • Consumer-friendly auto-exposure features fully supported in 60Mbps 24L, FH, and H modes.

    • Fast Action 3-Frame GOP performance with B-frames visibly indistinguishable from I-frames.

    • Optimal motion picture quality consistently maintained in underexposed low-light conditions.

  • here is Sanity 4 - Sedna A Q20 hybrid setting with Sedna matrix as requested by some folk.

    Sanity4-Sedna A Q20
  • Driftwood Mysteron Series. 146M standard version on 24p OR the 900k i frames 'Burst version' 176M data rate. Plus experimental matrix set for 720p60 and HBR modes.

    Driftwood 'Mysteron' Burst Mode -
    Driftwood 'Mysteron'
    900k i frames intra - Driftwood Mysteron Burst Mode at 5 secs.png
    1295 x 679 - 243K
  • SANITY 4.1

    What makes SANITY special is:

    *Picture Quality - across-the-board, no-compromise, high quality images in all modes: 24P, HBR, 1080i and 720p. And all at very modest bitrates. 720p is especially notable because I have successfully got B-frames working in it, and it makes a huge difference.

    *Stability - I hate write errors - hate em', hate em', hate em'. Sanity 4 is rock stable. I use Sandisk 30M Class 10 cards and have not had any write errors in any mode, including ETC. Of course, your milage may vary, but I hope not.

    *Spanning - Sanity spans in 24L, FH, SH & H mode.

    *Two versions - Because of HBR mode, I was forced to make two versions of Sanity, one for NTSC and one for PAL.

    *Samples - I've uploaded a zip file containing four raw MTS files, which show the same scene in 24P, HBR-30P, 1080i60 and 720p60. The shutter speed was set to 1/2000 sec, to really torture the codec. Even if you're a confirmed intra-junkie, you owe it to yourself to check this out. You just might be amazed.

    NOTE: When downloading from Sendspace, click the button that says "Click here to start download from sendspace". Do not click anything else.

    NOTE: Sanity 4.1 is for firmware 1.1

    SANITY 4.1
    SANITY 4.1
  • *** NEW *** Quantum v3 Rocket and v4 Orion plus Baby Quantum X - 'ß Pictoris' - Available on this link with info

    *** NEW **** Driftwood Quantum X v5 'ß Pictoris' CBR and VBR versions NOW AVAILABLE from page one of the Quantum thread. Exciting new hybrid matrix of Panasonic's GH2 and PAnasonic's AVC-Intra. New GOP6 and GOP9 on 720p50/60 structures utilising B frames. Rebuilt 'GOP Related' settings for correct b frames under 720p with Encoder 1 720 =3 correlation. Looks good on initial test. All settings should work including EX Tele and spanning. multi-tested on @stray 's death colour chart.

    NOTE: There are two versions available of this setting. One constant bitrate CBR style and the other VBR variable bitrate according to detail.

    Find them here:

  • Sanity (by Ralph_B) modified/updated - PTools 3.64d / FW 1.1


    24H = 66Mbits | HBR/FSH = 36Mbits | GOP12 | AQ4

    Great for HBR mode!

    also see here:
  • *** NEW *** Driftwood Stock Long GOP 66M/35M settings template for GF2 & GH2 cameras enjoying 720p B frames and HBR. This is a template only and should be used as a starting point for your own settings.

    Driftwood 66M- 35M Stock GOP all with B frames v1 -

    The settings here are old. Please look at my thread about the improved versions. *There are the latest information about bkmcwd settings in this thread:

  • **** NEW **** Driftwood Quantum X v1 (Incorporating The Driftwood Matrix)

    Requires the new ptools v3.64D.

    INTRA upto 154M on 1080p24 9 (+EX Tele may work)

    INTRA upto 80M on 1080i and HBR (EX Tele may work)

    upto 55-70M on 720p modes at GOP6. (EX Tele works)

    A completely new matrix developed by myself for the main INTRA settings.

    Undoubtedly its not going to please everyone (you just can't!) but for Low GOP fans here's the first of the INTRA hatchings under the Quantum X banner.

    This patch is targetted at the normal recording modes only, Quantum 100 v4 released soon will deal with guaranteed EX Tele Mode and 80% Rec modes.

    Driftwood Quantum X v1 (inc The 'Driftwood' Matrix) -
  • *** NEW *** Driftwood Quantum 100 v3 [*Required ptools 3.64D] (incorporating the AVC-Intra 100 Matrix) Includes 1080p24 and HBR Mode on Intra, 1080i INTRA, 720 GOP6.

    Standard Q settings for overall similar quantisation. Good quality for overall usage.

    If you feel you want to lower Q to achieve better quantisation and quality be careful, you can go all the way down to low Quant (eg 16 ) on 1080 modes but judge for yourself if you perceive it looks better, it looks odd on the charts but it will drive the bitrate higher to a more constant level.

    The first of the Quantum patches to make use of custom scaling matrixes for your testing.

    Driftwood Quantum v100 v3 AVC-Intra 100 matrix -
    Driftwood Quantum 100 v3b - ZERO Q - CBR style - use all bitrate patch -
  • If I did a Long GOP patch it may look something close to this....

    **** NEW **** Driftwood 'XDCAM' Long GOP patch 50M all round. Experimental. Whilst doing some research into AVC/HD and MPEG2 (in particular Sony's 50Mbps XDCAM settings), deblocking, raster sizes, and various Quant Matrixes it struck me how easy it should be to get that stuff stable on the GH2 - whilst keeping it pretty much vanilla to the GH2's inner workings.

    Indeed, reading related stuff here;- also led me to believe its ok for i/p/b frames to change in relation to qualative subject matter and that not all recordings will follow the 50% P frame size/30% B frame size ratio rule all the time - as their graphics half way down show. This patch uses B frames throughout then.

    Note: As has been seen in the past using B frames on 720p, you will find you have to record a 1080i or 1080p clip first before using 720p mode. Weird bug!

    Some of the ideas in this patch (in particular raster frame size and Luminance sampling frequency) were put to the test and I now want you to judge for yourself... Test this in real world situations as its early days yet. However, I think we have found a way to improve the initial video signal rasterisation. A new INTRA patch will also be up shortly using this theory. This could be a false positive, but let me know if you see anything different in using this patch. This looks even more impressive with deblocking off and some new quant matrixes, which you will see in a new version of ptools soon. :-)


    Driftwood 'XDCAM' Long GOP Patch -

    QUANTUM v9b + FOUR 1080p H (merge) - Quantum v9b (spans on 64Gb 95MB/s) 1080p L - Continuous 80% (24fps spans on any size 95MB/S) 720p SH - "FOUR" 720p H - Long Record (+ for electronic m4/3 glass) 1080i FSH - v9b Equivalent (720p FOUR recommended)

    QUANTUM 100 + FOUR 1080p H (merge) - Quantum 100 (spans on 30MB/s) 1080p L - Long Record 720p SH - "FOUR" 720p H - Long Record (+ for electronic m4/3 glass) 1080i FSH - v9b Equivalent (720p FOUR recommended)

    Improved in 720 mode by Sage (developed by Driftwood)
  • I don't know how popular Timebuster is, but since I don't know of other people who have made any patches dedicated to timelapses on AVCHD, I decided to post it here.

    This is NOW a dedicated patch to 2.5fps AVCHD on 24p Mode or on HBR. On 24p it now uses GOP10 to synch I-Frames to 2.5fps, a Constant Quantizer VBR approach, minimum P/B-Frame size and quality. Will span and record for 24+ hours on ANY 64GB SD card. 1080i60 and 720p modes still operational. On HBR it uses GOP 12 synch I-Frames to 2.5fps and keeps 24p and 720p modes operational.

    All discussion, bug reports and feature requests should please be placed at the relevant thread where you will also find all the latest versions: and not HERE!


    1 - TimeBuster 1 - First Release

    • Based on Cake v1. It uses GOP13, a Constant Quantizer VBR approach without B-Frames, minimum P-Frame size and quality.

    2 - TimeBuster 1.1 - with 2 significant changes:

    • Now based on @balazer 's Cake 1.1, it has switched to use the Rate Control mechanism from @LPowell 's FlowMotion 100.

    • 720p mode was broken due to use of a very low quantizer (12) which lead to skipped frames in 720p. It now uses QP=20 on both 720 & 1080 modes which will have an observable effect in both bitrate & quality even though it still gives you 24+ hours on 64GB.

    3 - TimeBuster 1.2 - with 1 significant change for a fully featured 720p mode:

    • Since @balazer 's Cake 1.1 is now heavily based on @LPowell 's FlowMotion 100, I decided to copy LPowells 720p settings since they will probably play better with the other modes. The only difference on 720p is a constant QP which had to be lowered yet from 20 to 21 because it still dropped frames on torture charts and/or sometimes present speed issues at very high ISO (>3200) on Class 10 SDs.

    4 - TimeBuster 1.3 - with a lot of significant changes:

    • Ported to PTTools 3.64d

    • Savings on P-Frames is now accomplished by using a Scaling Table that is full of 0xFFFF for 1080p modes.

    • Quantizer boundaries were removed since they are now much more dependent on the new Quantizer Tables.

    • Redesigned for merging, these definitions try to be as independent as possible from their re-packaging definitions (in this case FlowMotion 1.1) and are published in two flavors: Timebuster 1.3 Base (for merging) and Timebuster 1.3 FloMo (merged with FlowMotion 1.1)

    5 - Timebuster is now comprised of 2 main variants:

    a) 24h Timebuster 2.0 - with the following changes (from TimeBuster 1.3):

    • The GOP for 24p is now married to 2.5fps. The bitrate hit is a little above 20% but the recording length can be easily compensated by raising the QP. As a benefit it's still very close to 2fps and it's the closest to a 360º shutter we can get on 24p.

    b) 24h TimeHBusteR 2.0 (NEW, uses HBR 30)

    • Similar philosophy to 24h Timebuster 2.0 Base but as the name suggests, uses HBR mode instead of 24p. There is another difference, P-Frame quality is fully preserved as this kind of frames is used for one of the interlaced slices on Key Frames.

    • GOP married to 1/2.5 on HBR 30p (NTSC) and to 1/5s on HBR 25p (PAL). The big benefit is that both are using a 360º shutter. Uncheck "1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=5" before merging if you don't plan to use Shutter Speed (SS) =1/5s and want to better preserve the 24p mode and HBR 25.

    Both variants are now:

    • Using B-Frames. There is a 6% penalty in bitrate usage but this was necessary to make sure the QP was respected. I believe the gain from setting the QP at will is just too great to ignore, since not everyone wants to record for 24h straight. QPs as low as QP=16 were tested and theoretically it could go as low as QP=12 @ISO160 when merged with FlowMotion 1.11 on regular tripod mounted footage.

    • GOP married to 2.5fps. The bitrate hit is a little above 20% but the recording length can be easily compensated by raising the QP. The reason behind this was getting as close as possible to 360º.

    • User definable GOP - GOP can be set at will according to intended SS, use the attached "GOP-SS-table.png" to look up the right value. Defaults settings are SS=2.5fps and GOP 1080i=10 for 24h Timebuster 2.0 and SS=2.5/5fps and GOP 1080i50/i60=12/5 for 24h TimeHBusteR 2.0.

    • User definable QP - QP can be set at will according to desired IQ/recording length. I've gathered quite an amount of information so that in the future I can make an Excel tool to estimate the best QP from Card Size/Footage Snapshot/Desired ISO/Recording Length. Default settings are Q24/23 for 24h Timebuster/TimeHBusteR.

    As before, there is the Base Release to be merged at wish with popular settings (load Base first in PTTools and then "ALT+Click" your choice of merger) and there is also the FlowMotion Release (already merged with FlowMotion 1.11). I've merge tested against @lpowell 's FlowMotion 1.11, @balazer 's Cake 95, and @bkmcwd 's GOP3ZILLA and no undesirable effects were observed. The key is using a VBR settings definition with a very high "1080p24 Frame Limit", especially if you are going for a low QP (<22).

    If you want to merge with Nick @driftwood 's settings, I recommend going for Cluster v1 as it shines in being both a long GOP set and also having the biggest "1080p24 Frame Limit" of all the sets I know.

    The day is not over. :)

    Timebuster Base
    24h Timebuster
    24h TimeHBusteR
  • NINE+Q100 Updated 2/4 GH2-X v4

    1080p H - Quantum 100 (spans on 30MB/s)

    1080p L - Long Record

    720p SH - "NINE"

    720p H - Long Record/for electronic native m4/3 glass

    1080i FSH/FH - v9b Equivalent

    Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev, Nick Driftwood, and Chris Brandin.
    1280 x 720 - 1M
  • NINE Updated 2/4 GH2-X v4

    1080p H - Quantum v9b

    1080p L - Continuous 80%

    720p SH - "NINE"

    720p H - Long Record/for electronic native m4/3 glass

    1080i FSH/FH - v9b Equivalent

    Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev, Nick Driftwood, and Chris Brandin.
    1280 x 720 - 2M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    NINE Updated
  • *** NEW *** 'Quantum100' **** (The AVC INTRA-100/50 rip patch) A preliminary patch for documentary makers before the final release of the high quality INTRA patch 'Quantum'. This is a very nice patch indeed for documentary makers /long recording times. Great quality & totally based on AVC Intra 100/50 so have fun.

    This is exactly the same patch as Quantum v9b except 1080p24 is 100M/50M for High/Low setting. Everything else is the same. This is NOT a substitute for the highest quality settings of 'Quantum v9/b'

    This is for people who require long duration recordings (1hr23mins on H and well over 2 hours on L setting on a 64gb card). If you like the quality and idea of having AVC-Intra100/AVC Intra-50 on a GH2 this is for you.

    And the second of the new releases;-

    *** NEW Quantum50 v1 *** (AVCHD INTRA Quantum50M/25M) Much longer recording times than any other INTRA patch. Plus playback.

    1080p24H 50M INTRA AQ4 1080p24L 25M INTRA AQ4 1080i50/60 50MFSH/25MFH INTRA AQ4 720p50/60 50M/25M GOP3 AQ2

    This should span, playback, and just work for you.

    Lots of new theories - lots of discussion with Chris Brandin & Lee Powell - lots of differing opinions - lots of agreements. Lots of new understandings. Now its time to see what you think. This is the first edition of the baby version Quantum50 INTRA.

    Quantum50 is 50/25M= Good Quality, plus reliability with slow cards. (Better than stock)

    Try before you cry!


    Driftwood 'Quantum100' patch -
    Driftwood 'Quantum50' v1 -