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How do you shoot photos and videos in same event with Panasonic camera?
  • Lets say there is a sunny day and you want to capture event with photos and videos. There are lots of things happening and you dont want to loose any moment. How do you work?

    What modes for video and photo? How do you change modes rapidly? Which settings (A,S,iso), auto/manual, ND maybe.

    I use A-mode for photos because I want to optimize best objective sharpness (about 5.6-8).

    I use S-mode for video because I want to optimize motion handling (shutter 1/100-1/120 50P)

    I cant use M-mode for either (though I want) because photo and video uses so different settings that I have no time to change them all the time. I have gh3.

    I think that my way is the only option if I want rapidly change from photo to video and maintain some control over quality. What do you think?

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  • best approach is to use custom settings. switch between them

  • Exposure values dont record to C-modes and one must use totally different values with video and photos. It is very frustrating to roll wheels when changing from photo to video.

  • I end up shotting iA and S-Priority (1/50 for 24p, auto ISO and natvie u4/3 lenses only for stepless apature). If I need lock the apature for a vido shot I will use the AE lock button. I don't mind shotting iA since I am mainly a video shooter and iA does a pretty good job for what I do.

    Here are some samples from Thanksgiving:



  • @grisnjam

    iA is not using 1/50s for video. It uses all possible settings there is and what it wants. So you newer know what it is doing. Panasonic lenses have no stepless aperture in any mode. Video exposure seems stepless in iA or P mode but I think that then shutter speed is changing steplessly. It may seem that iA chooses reasonable settings in video but in bright light it can select i.e. 1/500s shutter and that leeds to flickering. iA is also not using 24P but 50P or 60P. Use movie mode for 24P.

  • You misunderstand me. I shoot stills in iA (it sets everything) and video in a custom movie mode (C-1 in either S-priority with 1/50 or full M mode). When switching modes the shutter speed in video mode does not change.

  • @grisnjam

    Oh yes iA for photos, sorry.

    So you have solved this dilemma that it is difficult to use proper photo and video settings switching fast between them by using full automatic for photos (intelligent auto which I call idiot auto :). I dont say that you are an idiot but the camera sometimes is with iA.

  • I try to avoid it, but it's not always possible. I was on a week-long video shoot last year, and right as we started the client mentioned his partner also wanted photographs of everything as we went along. In the end, the results were nice, but it was a pain in the ass.

    As to how it was done, I shot full manual with everything using custom settings as best I could for a starting point. But of course, the camera doesn't save everything and you have to keep changing things. I tried to generally shoot all video necessary for a particular shot, then changed to photo mode. Better solution: have redundant gear and a 2nd shooter for stills only.

  • @thorn

    Thanks for reply. I asked the same question in another forum and some people also suggested using 2 cameras. It is funny that this task that sounds easy is actually a problem. It is at least for me.

  • @Vesku It happens so often a client ask me on the spot to take pictures too when they realize I'm working with a "photo" camera. (Sometime I wish I had a C100 just so no one could ask me that anymore) I used to say yes sure no problem but it was a mess, you end up missing shot for your main purpose the video. When asked on the spot I tell them my camera is configured to shoot video only. When asked before I go with 2 cams.

  • I hope that Panasonic guys read these answers. I think that they are going to think hard this matter. Obviously they market hybrid cameras for easy photo/video shooting, and yes at same day.