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Brokenman teaser (GH3)
  • Lumix Gh3/ voigtlander 25 mm f/0.95

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  • @vesubio Looks great. Not sure what film is about...but somehow the image/music/feel of it all makes one curious. Let us know when it's available to watch - will definitely check it out.

  • @matt_gh2 thanks for your support, @P13DM I shoot a 1920x1080(50p) conforming a 25p(Premier Pro CC) , I use Twixtor 6 (at 10%) for the slowmotion

  • "Brokenman" is my next film I hope to finish it over course of 2014. thanks for sharing

    lumix gh3+ voigtlander 25mm

  • First sensations of "Brokenman" a movie in filming process,I hope to finish soon. :-) thanks for sharing

    Primeras sensaciones de "Brokenman" una película que todavia estoy rodando, espero acabarla pronto.

  • @vesubio great stuff as usual, will watch on Vimeo VOD as I did with Musgo. Guess you used Filmconvert v2 with GH3 presets (game changer for me) to get those good looking colors. If I can make a (constructive) criticism, I found titling and title graphics a bit overlooked in your movies, which is really a pity. That doesn't mean I expect astounding title sequences, but for example the BROKENMAN logo made with standard grungy fonts is not on par with the level of the movie and is a bit of a let down. Just my two cents