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Free Full Pluraleyes 3 trail for 30 days.
  • If you're like me with FCP 7, and working on a project with multiple cameras and audio, you can get the pluraleyes 3 software full version free for 30 days. I also didn't know that apple made the OS X 10.9 Maverick a free download. You will need at least an OS 10.7 to run the pluraleyes. Free OS X 10.9 + free 30 days trail pluraleyes 3 = save time, money and smiley face lol.

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  • I am confused, do you mean that you can get 30 days trial? Or that it is free for next 30 days?

  • 30 days trail full version. I'm not sure how long the 30 days trail will go for, so say one or two etc etc weeks from now I don't know if there will still have the 30 days trail thing. Plus it comes with 30 days trail of their bulletproof too

  • I've used their 30 day trial on 3 different computers over the past 6 months :) also in the past used 30 day trials of their other softwares. It's a great thing that Red Giant offers on all their softwares. After it expired on my 3rd computer, I went ahead and purchased it as it had become such a valuable tool in my workflow. I thought I'd be able to get away with the similar feature in FCPX, but I could never get it to work like Pluraleyes.

  • Pluraleyes works great with my Windoze Sony Vegas Pro...