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Vintage Lenses
  • First: Is there a place we can talk about this old world? Cause if it's, we can close this topic and apologize to all.

    Second: if it isn't, i would like to discuss with you about the "bargain" sometimes i read we can do with this lenses. This bargain, is it real? I'm starting to look for some video solutions for me: Nikon d5200 or Bmpcc (it depends how much you want to spend). But it's not an individual problem, cause with mft mount (gh2-gh3-g6-bmpcc) you can use every lens, pratically, while nikon has always its "F" mount, and that's special: you could invest in some lens while you have aps-c sensor, knowing you could use the same lens on full frame.

    So, which lens do you suggest? Wide and fast solutions? Thanks to all.

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  • There are several posts about vintage lenses.
    You can start here:

    But use the Search feature. There are LOTS of threads about this.

  • @Flaaandeeers

    Thanks a lot. I'm using the Search right now. Anyway it would be nice to have a topic only, also for video-use vintage lens.

  • also for video-use vintage lens

    What do you mean here?

  • You know, the focus's to be on Prime Lens, i suppose from something like 20mm to 35mm above all, also 50mm is fine (and there're a lot fast cheap lens here, but if you have to face the crop factor with smaller sensors, not the best you can get). So, no tele, i guess.

  • @Renovatio

    Thing is we have big topics on vintage 50mm lenses and also on 28mm (wide) and 35mm :-)