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What shotgun microphones are being used directly plugged into the GH3?
  • I just got my GH3 and am very disappointed that I cannot use the AT875R on it, because it gives a mic level which is too low. What shotgun microphone are being used directly plugged into this camera beside the standard ones like sennheiser mke 400, Rode Video mic, Panasonic DMW-MS2E etc.? (Couldn't find a topic about it, if it is already discussed somewhere else, feel free to cancel topic)

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  • Interested in finding out about this too. I do know that the Rode video mic works cuz I have tried a rented one. I'm sure like me, you're looking for something that's a lil cheaper.

  • Is there a known reason why the AT875R does not work with the GH3?

  • I use a Sony ECM-DS70P condenser mic + good quality cable. works quite well

  • Well, I am not looking for a particular cheap microphone but for a real good one - like the AT875R is.

  • I got the AT875R for my GH2 and works great. Too bad the mic levels are different in the GH3. Sometimes to gain a little, it's not worth the hassle. Will be keeping the GH2 around a little longer. I'd be interested in hearing what decent mic does work with the GH3. You could feed the mic into a Zoom H1, but that just means more mounting and pressing buttons.

  • I use a Sennheiser MKE 600 on one of my GH3s and a MKE 400 on the other. The 600 is a great mic for the price and can be powered via 1 AA battery or phantom power.

  • I suggest getting a juicedlink preamp. I have bought a couple used off of fleabay for a great discount. They should make any mic work, and will improve the quality of pretty much any mic you use. I can test it on my GH2 if there is interest, but I usually record to my Zoom H1 via the juiced link cx231 (to bump up the quality a bit more, and get monitoring out of the Zoom).

  • I don't want to use Juicedlink or Beachtek. I am looking for a directly plugin.

  • ntg3 + irig(small cheap phantom) with gh3