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Sony RX10, 1" sensor, big F2.8 constant zoom, video oriented machine
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  • Looks great in good light. Lets see in mixed low light situation...

  • ^ I have an RX10 and it is horrible in low mixed light, soft and poor WB.

  • ^I too have the RX10 and if you look at the Thanksgiving film I shot above take note that it's all shot at 640-1250iso outside and 1600Iso inside. The inside shots are being illuminated by the following light sources. Skylight from outside, florescent, LED under the cabinets, a halogen in socket and a CF in the other. Can't get more mixed than that and at 1600ISO. Oh and by the way... I recorded the ENTIRE piece on AWB and in continuos focus. Just saying... I Philip. It me from DVXuser.

    Why is this camera spinning peoples heads so much?

  • @dustylense

    Dont listen to him. The guy seems to have a major issue with the RX10 for some reason. Perhaps he should show footage to demonstrate how horrible it is in comparison to cameras in the similar pricerange. The lowlight footage I have seen looks great.

    Spinning heads? well.... Either its the usual Panny GH fanboys (and the ever so slightly annoying growing BM fanboys) who feel compelled to rip a hole into every new camera that comes along or the anti Sony crowd.

    As it stands it looks a great camera that delivers nice images...and looks even greater with an external recorder.

  • If the the RX10 does nothing but work well under outdoor conditions it would make it a game changing camera for our use. Like lots of firms we do a good deal of work under outdoor, fast paced conditions. Other projects are on set or on location, with a lot more control. If the RX10 can handle most of the first criteria it's amazing for it's price and form factor. That's not to say that it might not prove to be a wonderful camera under controlled circumstances as well, but under those conditions, I don't know anything that can deliver a better image than the BM camera.

    Two cameras that can shoot at this level for less than $5k complete is just an amazing development. Absolutely incredible options, both of which weren't even on the radar a year or so ago.

  • @MikeLinn Thanks for the very good, comprehensive test for outdoor conditions. Your explanations of what you were looking for in each shot were also very clear and helpful.

  • @dustylense nice shed, lovely colours... Looks like must have been a great get together =)
    @jonpais both videos above are Christopher's aka dustylense, @MikeLinn is our official content digger. You know, all doctors need fresh bodies :P. Cheers Mike

  • It doesn't appear as though the RX10 will run off USB power, even when supplied with 1-2 amps, unlike the RX100. As soon as any power is supplied to the USB port the camera cannot be used. Anyone have tips on external battery options?

  • I have AC-PW20 power adapter. Tested it today. I was keeping camera powered for 5 hours and noticed that there is small fan inside RX-10. Very quiet.

  • @interlaced, yeah I saw that and it is on order, but I mean external battery solution. As this coupler is not separate, as it is with the GH2 one, no easy way to get a big battery connected up for AC free time lapse.. or is there?

  • In RX10 handheld clips I see strange micro vibration. Big movements are stabilized very well but little vibration jitter is still there. I dont know where it comes (vimeo or YT recompression or 60/30p conversion?). I saw same kind of vibration in my friends NEX5 and NEX6 video. It is kind of disturbing in big plasma screen. Can you guys see it? It is though hard to see because everyone are so exited about RX10 fine zoom that these videos are hardly any time still and steady.

    In that grand Canyon video which is shooted with tripod I cant see any vibration. I think also that Panasonic OIS doesnt has this issue.

  • @Vesku

    It might be the autofocus subtly hunting around. I've seen the effect in other cameras. Try to find footage shot with manual focus and see whether there is any jitter.

  • How long does the battery last average while shooting focusing zooming? I am thinking of getting it as B or C camera for weddings.

  • I'm pleased to report that these things: ..together with a 9v external battery (I am using the Anker Astro Pro) works fine for me with the rx10 (if yours blows up from the higher than rated voltage do not blame me..). Note that the coupler in the above link will not allow you to close the battery compartment lid, though the catch still holds it, hopefully they will make updated versions of the coupler soon.