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GH2 - Keep Calm & Pumpkin On
  • This was a fun two hour shoot with two GH2's. Shot using Super Takumar lenses 20mm, 35mm, 50mm macro, 135mm, and the SLR Magic 12mm. I was able to scout the location the day before and had lots of ideas for the promo. It is often a challenge working with kids, but I quite enjoy it when things go right..ha ha. Even though I'm starting to butt up against the GH2's camera limitations I love it...and I've still gotta wait quite awhile before I get Amira : ) -Shot using Flowmotion 2.02, smooth, all -2, no filters, monopod, glidecam 4000.

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  • Looks really good. Anything done in post to combat rolling shutter?

  • @Stylz thanks man. No, nothing done to combat shutter issues. Also, I kept the camera rolling at 1/50th for everything.

  • @pchristoph This is a great looking video. One of the best uses of Flowmotion I've seen. I'm not familiar with the Super Takumar lenses - are these people older "vintage" lenses? Guess it's just a matter of getting an adapter for micro four thirds mount to use them with GH2? Great shots on this promo.

  • thanks @matt_gh2 yeah, most vintage pentax takumars I use were made in the 60's/70's. I really like their look. Adapters have made it all possible with m43s. Maybe it's best that you haven't tried one :) as they are highly addictive once you get a feel in your hands for a solid metal build, zero breathing, and great color rendition and low contrast. Cheers