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Festival Bumper filmed with the GH2 and Minolta Rokkor prime lenses.
  • This is a 45 second bumper that I made for the Fantastic Fest 2013 Film Festival. It is a horror, sci-fi and other genre film festival put on by the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, Texas.

    Below is the Vimeo upload with titles indicating the lenses that were used and in case you would like to download the original file for critical inspection. With this post comes a shameful plug for a contest, please go to and click the Facebook “like” button above the embedded video if you actually like the video. It is their voting system. Please help the GH2 cause.

    It was filmed with a Panasonic GH2 using the Intravenous v2 – Cinema Smooth hack at 24p. (Thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev @driftwood @cbrandin). I used the Standard Profile with -2,-2,-2,-2. I have been collecting a full set of Minolta Rokkor manual focus lenses (thanks @nomad @aljimenez ) for the last six months and finally got a chance to use them. Here are the lenses used in this bumper:

    16/2.8 MC (2nd Gen) Fish-Eye Rokkor-OK

    17/4 MD (1st Gen) W.Rokkor-X

    24/2.8 MD (1st Gen) W.Rokkor-X

    28/2 MC (3rd Gen) W.Rokkor-X

    35/1.8 MC (3rd Gen) W.Rokkor-X

    100/4 MC (3rd Gen) Macro Rokkor-X

    All were used wide open (except for the 17/4 was at 5.6. I also used Optics Compensation with this lens). I used Adobe After Effects to work on each shot and edited in Premiere Pro. Neat Video’s Reduce Noise, an Unsharp Mask, the MBR Color Corrector and the Curves filter were used. I used the ColorGHear “Simply Cooler” preset for the final look (Thanks @shian). I added a BCC Film Grain filter in the end which helped hold down the banding on the flat grey surfaces when encoding to H.264 mp4. The 3D effects were created in Lightwave v11. I am a bit of a dilettante when it comes to these, but I feel OK with them. The flying rig was built in my backyard by stringing wire rope and pulleys in the trees. Not for the weak hearted! The set was made of wood and only the left 2/3rds was built. The right seat was filmed separately and flipped horizontally. In the case of the wide shots, the two sides were composited.

    I have learned so much from this site and would like to reciprocate. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

    And again, please go to and click the Facebook “like” button above the embedded video if you actually like the video. Share the link if you are feeling generous, I would appreciate the help!

    Thanks, Maury Jacks (@fredfred27)

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  • for better skin tones; I'd suck a little red and a slight bit of magenta out of it. It's wee bit... purple.