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The Magnetist, a short documentary about cassette tape obsession, Flow Motion v2.02
  • This is a short documentary I've made with Flow motion 2.02. It is about a guy here in Stockholm who is called "The Magnetist" because he is obsessed with cassette tapes. I used a pair of GH2s and Voigtlander 25mm and SLR Magic 12mm, a cheap chinese 35mm cctv lens and a Konica Hexanon 135mm vintage lens in two shots. I also converted the files with 5D2RGB to get rid of the diagonal rain pattern in Premiere.

    "THE MAGNETIST is a short documentary about Micke, also known as 'The Magnetist', whose life revolves around cassette tapes.

    Most of Micke's time is spent on varius tape-related projects; he blogs about them, he makes music with them and he got a monthly tape club in his hometown Stockholm. Sometimes it's a struggle. Here we get an insight to Micke's life as a tapeologist and joins him to his tape-only club to find out the motivation behind his interest."

    Does anyone have problems watching since it's in 1080p, I'm not sure if some computers might struggle?

    A huge thank to Vitaliy the Personal View community for hacks and information!

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  • Really, really good.

  • @Alfaerik

    World need more such docs about similar guys. Keep it up.

  • i totally love it! great work!

  • Thanks!

    I've got some problems with annoying compression artefacts (mostly in uniformed areas of course) that I'm trying to get rid of. It's not present when I render the movie in the timeline. I've exported it as 1080p, H.264, 25Mbps, 23,976frps, Key frame distance 24, VBR 2pass. Anyone got a clue? The bitrate should be enough.

  • I really enjoyed it. Well done!

  • Very nice documentary, well executed. A very interesting character, but I can't see myself going back to cassettes, but I wish him well.

  • @aljimenez Thanks. I don't think that Micke is conservative, he just found technology that he likes to interact with. But he also digitalising old tapes etc, and in that way he embraces new technology as well. But he seems to enjoy the physical side of it, beeing able to modify and repair the things he use, being able to discover forgotten music in a dusty box and so on.

  • Just wonderful!

  • @alfaerik could you please give a link of his blog?

  • @bumsklumpen Sad to say, Micke ended his blog in may since people had contacted him about copyright claims (ironically some old punk bands). I emailed him to see if he started a new one or got another one, but he wrote that he got a bit tired and fed up after all the nonsense argumentation, but he'll start something only to promote his own stuff he said. I'll post it if I hear anything more about it. I think that this whole scenario actually is really interesting, maybe I'll see if I could do a short follow up on it.

  • @alfaerik thank you, just hope he's gonna get back on his feet!

  • looks good --- i keep mistaking this for ' the magentaist' on the front page - "a short documentary about color grading obsession" :D

  • Excellent document. Takes me back to the hell of digitising /backingup of my 400 cassette library of band recordings from the 80s/90s.

  • I just watched it before seeing this posting. Enjoyable and engaging . Great work. Thanks for sharing. A way better than The Machinist (2004).

  • excellent work and a bitter sweet story too.

  • @Alfaerik

    Interesting :) Did you have to stage any of the shots, tell Micke to act or re-enact for camera, or is it all "as happened"?

  • Thanks, I enjoyed watching this. The length was good for this specific project too.

  • Well done on every level.

  • Great job :)

  • Very cool.

  • Well done and touching. Thank you.

  • Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing. Back in the day I used the portastudio four tracks...tapes were good friends :) Good luck to Micke.

  • We really need one abouе vinyl fans :-) And they are easy to find now :-)

  • Tapes were for the masses, (old,collectable)vinyl is for the few ;) and what about MiniDisks? I got plenty of boxes full of them.

  • Tapes were for the masses, (old,collectable)vinyl is for the few

    In present time it is reverse. You can find vinyl and players in most shops and in most places. Not so for tapes.