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What the GF2 does best, fun pocket video and stills.
  • GF2, Panny 14-45mm kit, 720p30 1/60. Stills and video shot handheld on the run with my 3 yo Grandson, quick edit, a few out of focus shots, life's too short to sit in front of a PC.

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  • Reminder to self, always take the 20mm pancake on unplanned excursions.... Never know when the extra stops might come in handy :-)

  • This put a smile on my face - thanks Rambo. You're blessed to have such a cute grandson, and a GF2/20mm to capture his first years. I feel the same way about my GF1/20mm - never leave home without it, for the same reason.

  • Thanks, yes he's my very special friend also, love him. The video was actually shot with the Panny 14-45 ( first kit lens) gets me into trouble though when the light goes down, hence the reference to remember take the 20mm or the 14 mm pancake, I have both and the Panny wide adapter. I keep choosing the zoom because it has IOS, gotta change my bad habits.

  • I shoot a lot of kids and the 14mm pancake with the wide adapter is a godsend. I shoot IV2 at ISO 1250, stop the Lumix down to f4, and no matter how hard I have to run to chase the little buggers down, everyone's in focus and the camera looks like it's gliding along on a wire.

  • Yep that's the way to go on the GH1/2, unfortunately we don't have an AF/AE lock button on the GF2, which is my favourite button eva on the Panny cameras. Finger out VK, still hoping for a solution :-)